An anonymous reader writes:

I created my very own panty-pulling chair, and I have to say, it was amazing!

We have some old wooden chairs in our home, which have varying heights of seat backs (low to high). I used string to attach my panties after I had attached them to the back of the chair and positioned myself on several large pillows.

With my free hand, I began reading one story at a time, and after finishing every erotic short story a pillow would come out and I would see how wet I was, and then I would play with myself.

I wanted to edge myself into madness, which worked so well that when I got down to the very last pillow my panties were completely soaked and I was uncontrollably squirming for release.

Releasing the final pillow, my panties pulled so tightly, I had planned to play with myself while reading one more short story. However I didn’t reach more than a paragraph in before I’d climaxed so greatly a puddle formed round my feet.

It was the best experience I’ve ever had playing with myself, thanks to your idea!

Thank you for this wonderful account!

Everyone should try reading some stories whilst squirming deliriously on their very own Panty Pulling Chair!

Don’t you think?