An anonymous reader writes:

When I masturbate, my mind fills with the filthiest fantasies.

Like I imagine being made to strip to my underwear, and then my headmistress puts me over her knee and spanks me on the bare. Afterwards, she pulls my panties up over my sore stinging bottom and leads me to the locker room, and makes me stand facing the corner in the shower. I’m rubbing inside myself as I imagine all this, and it makes me feel like I’m about to pee.

So I imagine pleading to be allowed to go. But she refuses me. I hold on for as long as I can, crossing and clenching my thighs together, but that only intensifies the urge. I can’t hold on any longer. Then suddenly, I imagine I wet myself. As I imagine the gush of hot liquid filling my panties and streaming down my tightly clenched thighs, that’s when I come. Sometimes I even feel a squirt of wetness on my hand as I writhe and moan.

So there I am, just after wetting myself in front of my headmistress. I beg to be allowed to take off my sodden panties, but she says I have to keep them on, because they and I are so disgusting. So I
have to clean myself with my wet panties still on, and she stands there behind me, watching as I
soap myself, making sure I don’t miss a spot. But my clit is so sensitive now, and as I soap and rub my panties between my legs, I just know I am going to come. I can’t help it. I climax right there, right in front of my headmistress, knowing there and then that I’d just earned
myself another spanking…

I leave my rinsed underwear in the locker room to dry, and spend the rest of the day nude in her office, with
my hands on the wall, my sore red bottom jutting out, my legs spread wide apart so even my
pussy can be seen, swollen and slick with arousal. I am there on display even as she has her
after-school meetings. I do my best not to be noticed, but know
everyone present can see me. It makes the heat low in my belly grow, it makes me want to be rubbed, to feel someone’s hands – anyone’s hands – stroke my private places.

I’m rubbing myself again. Imagining the shame, feeling my own wetness on my thighs. Then in my head one of the teachers
comments on the disgraceful wetness of want dripping out of me, and I
nearly cry. And then I climax. And I climax really hard.

Thank you for sharing, dear reader, and the glimpse you’ve offered us into your exceptional imagination. A wonderful account of how extremely vivid fantasies featuring taboo subjects can be channelled into the most intense climaxes. The erotic mind is your own private playground, somewhere the normal rules of reality no longer apply. Where up can be down, right can be wrong, and humiliation can be joy.

I wonder if other readers have a favourite fantasy they’d like to slip into the confession box?