An anonymous reader writes:

there was one reason I could think of why I need a good spanking, it’d be lust.

On the outside I’m a very shy person, so at this
point in time I’ve never been with a man before. But on the inside I
fantasize about it almost all the time. It’s getting to the point where
I’ve taken to wearing short shorts and low-cut tops around college in
order to attract the attention of young men(or rather, one young man in
particular). If I were a schoolgirl, no doubt I’d be the type to get
caught ushering a boy into a private corner so I could show him my

Whether as a schoolgirl or in reality, the spanking I’d get for such
disgraceful behavior would be richly deserved. Although now I think
about it, I grow breathless at the thought of a man taking me over his
knee… Maybe I’d enjoy the spanking too much for it to have any effect.

There’s nothing wrong with lust, of course, yet our culture considers it somehow improper. Some even believe it is a deadly sin! So we hide away our real feelings, which makes them seem naughty, and we all know what happens to the bottoms of the naughty. We live in a world full of constraints and rules that continually foil our true desires – so why shouldn’t we eroticise them? Life is much more fun that way.

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