An anonymous reader writes:

You, Sir, are deliciously wicked. You’ve outdone yourself. I’ve read and re-read your latest story; its imagery blazing through my mind.

Pulled panties. Such an easy pleasurable pain to enjoy anywhere…already I’ve found myself sneaking off to the lavatory, to gather my panties tight between my wet swollen lips, pulling them upward ever more tightly before fastening my pants and walking back to my desk.

Sitting just so in my chair: legs slightly further apart so that my pussy is more flush against the seat. Shifting my pelvis and slightly arching my back so that there is a constant pull of pressure on my panties…feeling the “pinch” against my clit and down around my bottom.

And now just the smallest of movement can shift the pressure. The more upright I sit, the greater the struggle to control myself from grinding slightly. But oh, how I so desperately want to grind. And so I do…just enough.

Just enough to bring that delicious edge. Just enough so that co-workers ask if I’m feeling well, as my face is lightly flushed. Just enough that I respectfully curse your name for inspiring such wanton workday antics!

You are, Sir, devilishly inspirational.

Thank you for your submission, dear reader. I like how you put it, panty pulling is indeed an easy, pleasurable pain that can be enjoyed anywhere. Your very own wicked erotic secret, concealed beneath your skirt or jeans. Perhaps reading the story of the Sit-Down Dance will inspire others to experiment, and experience the delight of The Pinch nipping against their own swollen clits…