abigboyreally writes:

I’ve been reading your stories for a long time now, I remember the first time a blog linked to your page and I clicked on Ups and Downs and I was enthralled that someone could write such long, thought provoking prose about spanking and make it so hot.

I’ve been into spanking for as long as I can remember and when I found out others were, it was amazing, yet I rarely came across anything that made it feel like art and not just something sexual and, most of the time, a bit corny. You describe – and describing doesn’t even sound right, your words put us right there in the scene, in the skin, of the characters – everything in such detail, it’s awe inspiring.

I hope you don’t mind me saying that although I’m gay (though I find aesthetic beauty in all genders and love/am attracted to the right person no matter what, it’s just my main orientation), you make female sexuality something incredibly enticing, as it truly is, and I have a real appreciation for that. Most F/F or F/M stories are hard for me to get into but yours have never failed to get me reading to the end in one sitting, or bookmarking it and eagerly going back when I can.

If you and your readers have no problem with me saying so, once I’ve read the story from the eyes of the girls, or even the male partner depending on which one, it’s effortless to find myself a part of your stories afterwards.

I like to imagine I’m a boy from the brother school to the one where all these naughty girls attend. He slips out of the grounds (perhaps as many do, maybe that’s where Marian got her idea of sneaking off with a condom in her pocket) and peeks through the windows, hoping to catch a ritualistic punishment going on and hoping not to be caught himself. Unable to tear his eyes away he stays the whole time and catches what the teachers – or the governess if he’s a young guest/neighbour of Firecrest Manor – do when they think there aren’t prying eyes watching, ones too wide and curious to know when they should turn tail and run! 

So yes, please know it’s more than just little girls and inspired women and straight men who find your work so pleasurable, you’re a goddamn gift to us all. Thank you!

Thank you for your very kind and thought-provoking words. It’s always great to hear how the stories allow readers to imagine and see new worlds through anothers’ eyes. What I like about spanking stories is they can be enjoyed by anyone: straight, gay, bi, asexual, top or bottom, dom or sub. Whatever your personal preference, each tale has characters with whom you might identify, and activities you can’t help imagining.

Regular readers will know that seeing through others’ eyes is a theme I often return to, it’s central to Grimoire, and in Glimpse the gender of the narrator is never even specified. This is because I believe arousing stories shouldn’t depend on characters’ anatomy, a good story is about exploring erotic possibilities, like authority and adventurousness, discipline and nurturing. And I think some aspects of sexuality are universal, whatever kind of human beings turn you on…