I have been thinking about something along similar lines.

I have a HUGE number of short spanking ideas in my notebook, they get added faster than I can write stories that use them, as a result I’ve plenty of exciting ideas for eager participants.

So I could easily create a challenge lasting a fortnight – or even a month, with a different challenge every day. Maybe a short writing assignment one day, a self-spanking assignment the next, and every now and then an unexpected treat.

How much interest would there be in such a challenge? Like or reblog this post if you’re interested. And add a comment if there’s any activities you’d like to see included. If there’s enough potential participants, I shall create it.

How’s that sound?

Update: Seems there’s some interest developing in this proposed self-spanking challenge… So if you would participate in a challenge like this, give this post a signal boost. If 50 readers express an interest, it’s on!