An anonymous reader writes:

This month I’ve set myself the challenge of playing all of your naughty games. So I’ve written them all on slips of paper and put them into a hat. The very first one I picked out was ’Naked Reading’. Sigh of relief, a nice, gentle start.

begin, I prepped my bed. I put a pile of four pillows in the centre of
the bed, and placed my hairbrush under the top pillow. I stepped back
and took a couple of minutes to admire my handiwork. I felt the familiar
sensation of wetness growing in my white cotton knickers.

I undressed. I lay on my front, with my bottom raised by the pillows. I
was very tempted at this point to put my hand straight between my legs
and to start slowly fiddling with my clit. But I resisted.

I took hold of my hairbrush with my right hand. With my left hand, I
began to read the story ’Fall’. The story begins by describing a girl
who fantasises about being caned, and her friend, who regularly gets
slippered for being naughty…

I was already lying in the position in
which the latter received her spankings. I fantasised alongside the main
character. As she described her caning fantasy, I stroked by bottom
with the hairbrush. My imagination invoked the feeling of a cane being
stroked against my buttocks. The long, drawn out anticipation before
being struck with it. I was desperate to touch myself, but I hadn’t
finished the story yet.

Soon enough, one of the
characters was receiving a hard spanking. That was my cue, I raised my arm and bought my
hairbrush down hard on my bottom. It was as if I was being spanked with her. My
pleasure was building.

I managed to keep
reading until the end. It was a story full of anticipation, and I was
feeling that anticipation for myself. I couldn’t wait to receive another
spanking, but I had to wait until the very end of the story to receive
it. Finally, the main character was tied to a spanking bench and being
caned. I hit myself hard with my hairbrush, Multiple times. I had an
orgasm just from the spanking. Yet I didn’t touch myself at all.

I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards.

And now, today, I’ve just picked ‘Squirm’ from the hat. Oh fuck.

What an excellent idea! Putting all the naughty games into a hat and drawing them out one by one, so you never quite know what game to expect next. I suspect that’s an idea many readers will enjoy copying.

And I’m glad you chose Fall, one of the lesser read stories, and one that deserves to be played with.

You seem to struggle with self-control. Squirm will be fun. I look forward to hearing all about it…