When clouds above are dark and heavy

And the soggy air a smothering fug

When the first low rumbles echo in our ears

And tremble deep inside our tums

That’s when we share it

Just a glance, then without a word

We drop our clothes right where we stand

A puddle of garments left behind

As if we’d melted in the sultry heat

Hips sashaying as you recede

Just as the first raindrops splatter down

Bursting joyously on your naked skin

How I want to stay and stand and stare

At my cherished porcelain beauty

Now so vibrantly luminous

Under these drab battleship skies

But, I must go, and fetch the cane

Heavier drops patter on my head

As all around, the treetops writhe

Following footsteps in the cool lush grass

Until I find you waiting at the garden’s end

Already bent over the gazebo rail

Your slender legs spread so expectantly

Staring out across the golden fields

Glowing still under glowering skies

Witness the tempest’s dark stain spread

Across the sky, amid the clouds

As milk might spill into a pond

Feel the prickle of expectation

Your lover’s breath upon your neck

My fingers wet, despite our shelter

I know you love to be caned in thunderstorms

To yell your soul at the angry skies

I flex and swish the whippy rod

How funny it was once just a stem

One among millions in a jungle faraway

Forged by rays of a steamy sun

Nourished by deluges of savage storms

Yet somehow its destiny was to be cut

And lovingly fashioned into an implement

Of punishment and pleasure

You arch your back to receive my cane

Each sky-flash prompting me to swing

The whack still searing on your cheeks

As the thunder booms inside our skulls

And all around is pelted too

A chaos of tumultuous torrents reigns

Your bottom stings as nature bellows

Beauty’s gasp after thunder’s roar

Filigree forks of brilliant light

Giant cloudy lanterns glow

How strange to think

Your fate has been dictated by

Collisions of innumerable water drops

Clashing far above at dizzying heights

Til their tumult erupts in a sudden blaze

Setting fire to your behind

Come, nature girl

Let us dance beneath the soothing rain

Let us feel its cool caress

Let it soothe your aching flesh

Tiny streams trickle down your skin

Flowing to the valley between your mounds

There to mingle with your own sweet spring

From which, I very soon shall sup

True serenity is not silence

Under sunny skies

But the peace we find

Amid the storm

@spankingtheatre, summer 2016