An anonymous reader writes:

Hi..l came across your website almost
a year ago and since then there’s been
no looking back.

Your stories are so tantalizing that it’s outrageous. A
few days ago
l read Grimoire while attempting to follow the instructions and challenges of Squirm. Believe me,
l did try to keep my hands away from… you know what… but l just couldn’t… my fingers took on a life of their own. Anyway, l was defeated. A victim of my own lack of self control.

But instead of punishing myself
l decided to take on a challenge that might teach me some self control. l
decided to read Grimoire again, in my college library…

Oh the sensations! ln
the midst of so many books l felt utterly sinful. My hands were itching to
touch myself, but in public l could only put on
a straight face and read on. l kept squirming in my seat and when
l finished reading
l looked up at the bookshelves where the books seemed to frown disapprovingly.
I felt positively guilty but positively aroused as well.

As you’ve so rightly written guilt can be a powerful

Now regarding my punishment l decided to buy
a very tight pair of panties and wear them to bed. They’re so snug
l can’t even let my fingers in when
l want to rub myself. And on top of that denial
l shall read more of your stories. Oh the delicious frustrations…

Do you think
I’ve punished myself enough? lf not could you please suggest
a few punishments? With your devious imagination I’m quite sure you’re capable of it…

Well, as you seem to find stories of spanking and punishment so arousing, I think it’s only proper you experience a spanked bottom for yourself. Perhaps you’ll find some ideas to inspire you in my recent Guide to Self-Spanking. Perhaps you’re already thinking of bending over the bottom of your bed, tapping a hairbrush or slipper expectantly on your bare tingling cheeks.

Or perhaps you’ll be spanked with your tight panties on, denying your wandering fingers the chance to rub away your whacking. And perhaps afterwards you’ll tie your underwear to the back of your panty-pulling chair, and do your very own sit-down dance, squirming on your pink bottom as you contemplate your naughtiness. I’ve found that a powerful
aphrodisiac indeed.

I do hope that’s answered your question, dear reader.