An anonymous reader writes:

read all your splendid stories but Runaway and Fall continue to haunt
me with their sheer imaginativeness.

l loved Runaway for it was eerie,
bleak and exciting. It resonated with my fantasies of escape [probably all
of us nurture them] and of course for its deviously wicked passages,
which could arouse even a statue. The ending is fantastic for it
transforms a bleak prospect into one of irresistible sensuality.

Fall was another memorable read, partly because its protagonist Prudy-Judy was so interesting. Finally here was a story which really brought out
how the prudish can be so deliciously naughty. Really at times l wanted
to spank her myself, both her and her bratty friend Barbara…

element of its appeal was the foreboding felt by Judith and the
anticipation it generated. Truly the vision of the crooked cane was a
masterpiece. So thrilling yet causing so much apprehension. You have the
talent for evoking suspense, excitement and so much more.

I’ve gone through all your stories at least once but those two
literally sent shivers down my spine. l read them both while l was in
public places [one on a crowded bus and the other in a classroom] and
maybe that intensified my thrill and arousal. I cherish them both
for the pleasure they’ve given me.

It’s obvious that you’re a very gifted writer, so please, carry on.

I’m delighted to hear those two stories struck a chord, I think they’re greatly under-appreciated! Maybe that’s because mood of those stories is rather darker than some of my more popular stories. But I think there’s more to eroticism than just descriptions of BDSM, powerplay and pleasure. There’s a psychological side, exploring shadow themes like trepidation and anxiety, transgression and escapism, and suspense and uncertainty.

That’s why each Halloween, I’ve set out to write a spanking story with a darker theme. Readers who enjoy gothic tales and ghost stories might like to explore them, they are:

Best wait until after dark before reading, of course.

You might even want to light a candle.