Welcome to the first day of the much-requested Self-Spanking Challenge!

This will be a series of posts, posted about a week or so apart, with the aim of encouraging the curious reader to explore and indulge in spanking activities, in the privacy of your own bedroom.

We’ll begin at the shallow end, with a few short writing assignments that will encourage you to put into words why spanking holds such fascination. Perhaps it’s the sensations, or imagining the erotic jeopardy of submitting to an authority figure, or maybe it’s a powerful memory from long ago, or something else entirely.

Later, as you become more comfortable with the sensations of spanking, the challenges will become more physical, introducing new scenarios and ideas for playing. You’ll always be in control, and you can skip any challenge you feel uncomfortable doing. And as you’re in charge, your bottom will only ever be as sore as you want it to be.

If you have an anonymous blog, I’d strongly encourage you to post a quick write-up after each challenge. If you don’t, I’d still encourage you to write about the challenge, either in a private journal or document. If you want your thoughts posted anonymously later on, I’m happy to post submissions on my own blog.

So, ready to get started?

Challenge – Day 1

Write a short post entitled “Why spanking fascinates me”.

It might be a formative experience, one you experienced yourself, or perhaps witnessed, or even watched on screen or read about.

And how do spankings make you feel? Have you always found them arousing? Or do you find them daunting and intimidating? How does the culture you grew up in consider spankings?

And have you ever been spanked? If so, how did that feel? If not, are you ready to feel what it’s actually like?

Then, post what you write with the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge1

The next challenge will be posted next weekend, when you might very well be getting your bottom smacked. In the meantime, I look forward to reading your experiences…