My latest story had been ‘coming soon’ for months. 

It took so long to complete because I wanted to paint an experience, one so vivid it could be remembered with the detail of cherished memories from long-ago. I wanted to transport each reader’s imagination away to that night at Firecrest Manor, so each scene might enter your erotic lexicon, the treasure chest of imagery we dip into when generating our fantasies.

The magic of fiction is that by reading a story we add new sights to our mind’s eye. So those who’ve read my latest story will now have imagined punishment panties, intimate bottom inspections, bathtime spankings, toilet predicaments, dressing up, panty play in public and whatever other moments made them tingle. These are gifts of discrete imagination, new treats to add to your collection – and unlike Alice’s laptop, they’ll be safety retained in your most secure and private repository, the one between your ears.

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I originally wrote this piece a few years back, but the process of crafting and polishing words I describe remains a big part of how I write, something I hope should still be evident in recent stories like Coming of Age and The Sit-Down Dance.

My gift to you, to imagine and make real…