An anonymous reader writes:

Yesterday, while returning from college I saw a girl standing in the corner of a first floor balcony with her hands over her head. I couldn’t stifle a giggle. I don’t know whether she heard me or not, but she must’ve sensed my presence, as she turned around and glared at me. She didn’t leave though, she just took down her hands from her head and continued to stand with her back to me.

I walked on but that memory remained. There could be a thousand innocent explanations for why she was standing like that – but in my mind it was corner time. My mind was whirling with possibilities. Had she already been spanked soundly and exiled to the corner by a stern disciplinarian … OR was the corner time merely a prelude to a stinging blush-inducing spanking? And what exactly had she done to deserve a spanking anyway…?

I just blushed and kept on wondering at the never-ending possibilities. But I did feel guilty for startling her like that. Poor girl, she must’ve been so embarrassed to hear me giggle. So I decided I must spank myself to atone for my rudeness. And since I’d laughed at a girl who was standing in a corner, I thought it only proper that I should spend a few minutes in the corner myself.

I decided to do corner time before spanking myself because I thought it’d prolong the agonizing anticipation. And it did. Those ten minutes were the most suspenseful moments of this year as yet for me. I’d closed my bedroom door and decided to draw back the curtain of one of the windows, one that had a full view of the street…

For ten whole minutes I tried to stand still with my hands on my head, fully clothed just like the young girl I’d seen. I was terribly on edge though – whenever I heard footsteps or sounds of passing cars I tensed up. Once I thought I heard a couple walk by because there were frenzied whisperings in two voices, one girlish and one hoarse and manly. I cringed. Were they pointing at me and laughing? Oh, if only I could hear the words they were saying! Finally the ten minutes were over and I breathed a sigh of relief. I’d really learnt my lesson. Corner time is nothing to giggle about.

There was still the matter of my spanking to consider. A pity she couldn’t witness that – she’d have been really really pleased to see my comeuppance. I got hold of a dark pink wooden hairbrush which had lurked for ages in a bottom drawer. I’d never thrown it away, even though I never use it to brush my hair. Maybe it was predestined for that one day I’d use it to smack my own bottom…

I placed myself on the edge of the bed one hand reaching behind me to touch my bottom with the edges of my hairbrush. I hadn’t taken down my panties yet – I wanted to savour the moment – the caresses of the bristles were so sensual, lighting a fire somewhere deep within me. Then I finally pulled down my panties, rearranged myself and tapped the brush on my bare cheeks.

I decided on 14 strokes, 7 on each cheek. I started by spanking my left cheek first as hard as I dared. It didn’t hurt so much but there was a fiery tingle, all the more intense for it made quite an impact. Six more till the left cheek was done. I spanked myself slowly trying to maintain a nice even rhythm. DONE. Now for the right cheek. This cheek didn’t throb and tingle like the other one so I spanked it twice as hard, taking my time till I reached 7 spanks.

Now that I’ve finished, I’ve decided to write this immediately while my smacked bottom is still tingling. I’m writing all this while sitting on a hard straight-backed chair. I’m excited and frantic with arousal which is making me fidget a lot.

Anyway, thanks a lot for an inspiring playtime. Because of your stories, I now imagine erotic possibilities everywhere – even in mundane, everyday sights. I’ve never spoken to that girl I saw, or even met her before that fateful day, but I really hope that one day she’ll read this post and recognise her predicament, and smile at the eroticism she inspired.

Thank you, dear reader, for your wonderfully evocative submission!

And you are quite right, corner time is nothing to giggle about. Your restitution was appropriate, adopting the position you’d considered so lightly, standing hands on head where you too might be seen. That someone else might glimpse your shame, as your mind fills with thoughts of the bottom smacking that you had earned.

Your spanking was simple, yet effective. A wooden hairbrush on your bare bottom. I particularly liked how you then took the initiative to write up your experience whilst sitting on your sore cheeks, on the hard seat of a straight-backed chair. I wonder, did you learn that from the self-spanking challenge?

But most of all I’m delighted how you’re now seeing erotic possibilities everywhere, even in the most mundane, everyday sights. Because there’s a secret world of eroticism out there, maybe just glimpsed in the corner of our eye, only visible to those who truly take the time to look…