An anonymous reader writes:

For this
, she decides to adopt the so-called diaper position.  She
wants to realize the benefits of the deep shame her Imaginary
Disciplinarian intends for her. She is to be displayed so he sees everything, her legs above her
head, her cunt and bottom hole presented for his appreciation as she lays upon her trundle

To do her Disciplinarian’s bidding, she chooses as her tool of choice a schoolroom implement, a long
wooden ruler. The “premise” for her
punishment, like most, is the young lady’s devotion to mischief and her
blatant, almost teasing, disregard for authority. It doesn’t help her cause that she
scampers around the house in her shortest of short pajamas ideally exposing her
most intimate areas to her
Disciplinarian’s eyes…

The thwack, thwack, thwack of each strike of the ruler offers
quite different sensations than other implements used for her
punishments.  This tool allows her to direct a symphony of light, crisp,
altogether delicious strokes to her ample posterior.  The diaper
position gives her the opportunity to reach some of her bottom’s
fleshier areas and – interestingly – some more tender, intimate regions as

As she continues to apply indiscriminate whacks upon her bottom, she
becomes increasingly aware of fascinating sensations originating from
her nether regions. These sensations in turn cause her to increase the
frequency and effort behind her strokes. Quite randomly, some of the
strokes miss her intended target and instead graze her cunt & bottom

Under normal circumstances, she would not be allowed to fiddle with
her wobbly bits or her bottom hole whilst a punishment is in progress, but
her aching cunt and the heartbeat pounding in her clitty dictate her
next choice. She succumbs to the unbearable need to have one of either
of her holes filled by introducing an extra large plug into her bottom

The insertion of such a plug causes her body to tremble
uncontrollably.  Already in a heightened state of awareness from the
abuse shown to her bottom, she instantly feels that familiar tickle
beginning in her toes, bubbling up uncontrollably, shooting through her
body like an electric current, finally passing out through the top of
her head, like a bird given flight from its cage. Her orgasmic
experience is one of euphoria, coupled with disappointment that she couldn’t teeter on that delicious edge for longer, before falling and submitting to her body’s
carnal desires.


And now, as she sits at her desk recounting these adventures in spanking… her
Rosebud Jewel still snug inside her little bottom hole… she contemplates the
deeper meaning of Life.

Yes. She’s quite pleased overall with her decision
to use a wooden ruler in the diaper position for Challenge Numéro 2.

Thank you, dear reader for this marvellous demonstration of self-spanking, and beautiful accompanying images. As you so evocatively describe, in this position your imaginary disciplinarian is sure to see everything.

You can almost imagine him (or her) sitting a few footsteps away, watching with quiet satisfaction as you spank yourself. You had thought your teasings would earn you a trip across the knee, but your disciplinarian saw through your little charade, surprising you by escorting you to your bed, tugging down your shorts and laying you on your back. You feel the ruler being pressed into your hand.

Your legs are lifted, so there can be no doubt what position you’re to be punished in. You lift the ruler obediently, and begin spanking yourself gingerly.

“Harder, girl.”

Your acquiescence is never in doubt. The smacking of the ruler grows louder in your ears. The sting in your bottom grows every more intense. In this position, your glistening, seeping excitement is indisputable.


The voice is stern but not malicious, serious about ensuring you receive the discipline you deserve.

You spank until your cheeks burn pink, until your arm is sore, until your disciplinarian finally rises from their seat to take the ruler from your hand. They kneel, their strong fingers spreading your bottom apart, feeling the heat of your spanking and inhaling the scent of your excitement.

Their fingers inspect you, intimately and thoroughly. Every wet fold, every sore tender blotch. Until their tracing fingertips spiral around your bottom hole. You sigh with frustration, wishing those fingers were circling your clit. But you know naughty girls are never masturbated.

Between your legs you see a glint in your disciplinarian’s hand. The jewel of your princess plug. You mew as its cold steel slides up and down the hot wet gap of your vagina; you wish it would linger, push deeper, but it’s merely here to gather your stickiness.

And now you feel its wet touch against your bottom hole. Circling, pushing, intruding, penetrating. You’re so close now. You try to hold back, trying to prove to your disciplinarian you’re a big girl now, that you can control yourself. But the plug unleashes a shockwave as it finally pushes through your tightest hole, an avalanche of sensations that makes the skin of your spanked bottom prickle as it cascades through every nerve.

Your body betrays you, deserting its orders, surrendering to the pleasure. You convulse, grasping your legs to your body as your orgasm shakes you, your gaping slit winking and then gushing. And your disciplinarian sees everything. Your shame is complete, and it was wonderful.

And you may well have inspired others to embark on self-spanking adventures of their own…