And so begins the story ‘GLIMPSE’, a spanking ghost story by ‘Spanking Theatre’ who asked me to do this illustration for him.

I fully recommend his site/blog, he cleverly subtitles it by the wonderful phrase…


you can find him here on tumblr…


This is a truly marvellous image, @asajones2​ has done a brilliant job capturing what I’d
imagined when I first wrote those words. And it’s such a beautifully unusual image too, it’s so rare to have
that kind of distance separating viewer and subject in erotic
photography. Usually the subject is close, leaving nothing to the imagination. But here she’s frustratingly distant, blurred by the intervening window pane. Yet her pose draws in the eye, and now
you’re hooked. You yearn to see more…

But whilst you’re staring at the girl’s bare bottom, something sinister creeps into the corner of your eye, like some ominous memento mori. Too late you realise, you’re seeing something you weren’t supposed to see. Few erotic images have such subtlety.

I wonder, when you read Glimpse for yourself, what will you see in the theatre between your ears?