The 5th part of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Previous challenges can be found here.

Challenge – Day 5

In today’s challenge you’re going to get your bare bottom spanked. Then, afterwards, you’re going to stand in silence with your sore bum on display, so everyone can so how naughty you’ve been. Once the blush on your face matches the pinkness of your buttocks, you can write about what you’ve learned…

In the previous challenge you explored the anticipation that came before a spanking, in this challenge you’ll experience what comes after a spanking. Even if all you know about spanking is based on reading stories and watching videos, you’ll know that a punishment rarely ends when the last smack echoes into silence…

No competent disciplinarian would ever allow a miscreant who had just been punished to just rub their sore bottom and pull up their underwear, and then walk away. A disciplinarian expects the heat of a spanked bottom to linger, smouldering until it begins to dominate the spankee’s mind, overwhelming every other physical sensation as they stand in silence, ruminating on their predicament. Hence, corner time.

You’ve probably already witnessed this in pictures or video. A naughty girl being sent to stand in the corner, her newly acquired pink bottom on display, her hands on her head or clasped in front of her, so she’s not tempted to rub the heat of her spanking away.

In previous challenges you’ve sat down on your sore bottom to write your report after your spanking. This time, you’ll stand for 10 minutes after your spanking, pink bottom on display, contemplating your naughtiness. And no rubbing.

Begin by deciding on a scenario. Perhaps you’ve been sent to see the headmaster or headmistress, and after your whacking, you’re made to stand in disgrace facing the wall, whilst they resume their paperwork. Or maybe it’s a bedtime spanking, and you’re told to stand in the corner before being put to bed. Or maybe your master has invited guests, and you’re put on display like a statue in the living room, naked so your punishment is clearly visible, as all around the assembled guests stare and whisper. Or something else entirely, whatever fantasy arouses you.

So, when you’re ready, get into position and give yourself your spanking.

Afterwards get into position and set a timer, maybe an hourglass egg-timer, or the countdown timer on your mobile phone. A 10 minute wait is reasonable. Stand waiting in silence as the timer counts down. Depending on your fantasy you might want to hold the implement that was used to punish you, or clench it between your buttocks. Be mindful of what you’re thinking as you linger, you’ll be writing about it soon.

Where you choose to stand can offer an enjoyable variety of emotions. Facing a wall produces a more introspective experience, as your mind wanders. Facing a full-length mirror can produce a session of enjoyable embarrassment, as your bottom half is bared, your eyes will be inevitably drawn towards your crotch. The bold, who really enjoy shame and humiliation might enjoy standing with their backs to a window.

When your timer runs out, you can sit down on your sore bottom and begin writing. You may write publicly on your blog, or privately in your own journal.

I challenge you to write a short post describing the scenario you chose, and how it felt to have to wait with your sore bottom on display. Did not rubbing mean the sensations of your spanking changed during the period you spent waiting?

Did you find it frustrating not to be able to rub yourself, yet find that denial arousing? Perhaps that enriched your fantasy, imagining yourself standing in the headmaster’s office yearning to touch yourself.

And now, as you sit on your smacked bottom writing, are you imagining it as a continuation of your fantasy?

Did you enjoy your period of cornertime? Will you incorporate it into your spanking fantasies next time you play? And what variations might you try? Perhaps you might take a timed picture of your own pink bottom as you stand in the corner – and masturbate over it afterwards, as a memento of your naughtiness.

When you’ve finished, post what you’ve written with the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge5

And then, I’m sure you’ll be keen to play.

The next challenge will be posted soon. In the meantime, now you’ve established some experience, perhaps you might want to revisit one of the previous challenges. Why not try improvising some new fantasy from what you’ve learned…?