Thank you to Spanking Theatre for asking me to illustrate another part of one of his stories….

                                            PUNISHMENT PANTIES

Patrick escorted her to the loo. With her hands cuffed behind her back. Alice felt like a prisoner being taken to a cell. Nevertheless, Alice had expected some privacy, she hadn’t expected him to follow her in.

“Sit down.”

She did as she was told, feeling the cold seat sooth the warm softness of her spanked bottom. Sitting with her hands bound behind her on the loo turned out to be quite exciting, and fort a while she sat with her eyes closed, just appreciating the sensations, before the pressure down below served as a reminder of what had bought her here.

“Aren’t you going to pull down my panties?” She asked.

“What was your governess’s special punishment?”, he countered.

Alice remained tight lipped; but he noticed her smirk had gone, and wondered if perhaps the lock was yielding. A few more tweaks perhaps. He knelt beside her, reaching behind the toilet pedestal to fasten her ankle cuffs together, splaying her knees apart, and revealing the conspicuous damp patch in the crotch of her silky ivory hue panties.

She sat on the loo, bound and immobile, half aroused by her predicament, half humiliated by it.

“I know a naughty girl with a spanked bottom who is going to pee her panties”, he teased.

In reply she stuck her tongue out. But it was an act of bratty bravado she knew would be difficult to maintain. By now she was desperate to go. She couldn’t ever remember wetting herself, the last time would have been in the distant hinterland of childhood, in that time before memories really start.

And now she was going to have to pee through her panties, her lovely silk panties.

She would not even be able to conceal the shame by closing her thighs, she was going to humiliate herself in one long mortfiying gush in front of the man that she adored.

…her eyes looked at him pleadingly.

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Massive thanks to @asajones2 and muse Charlotte for this wonderful staging of the scene from Punishment Panties.

The attention to detail is marvellous, the first image showing the moment when Alice is led to the bathroom, the pinkness of her spanked bottom visible under her tight white panties. Her hands cuffed by her lover behind her back.

She sits awkwardly on the lavatory, giving her lover a coy look as he kneels beside her to cuff her ankles behind the pedestal. The realisation dawns, she’s trapped now, at his mercy, and she can feel the pressure to relieve herself building. No doubt many readers have experienced similar sensations when reading this passage of the story.

“I know a naughty girl with a spanked bottom who is going to pee her panties”, he teased.

And that’s precisely what happened next…

A wonderful composition by a lovely couple. If you haven’t already, do follow their exploits