An anonymous reader writes:

I came across the lovely pictures portraying scenes from Glimpse and Punishment Panties. They’re breathtakingly vivid, and to me they’re priceless visual accompaniments.

Glimpse is
a marvellous story- suspenseful, dark and starkly evocative. I’ve read it before but after seeing the new picture

I was intrigued once again. The picture beautifully captures the essence of the story since it’s

a wonderful representation of the eroticism of forbidden sights. It’s such

a nuanced picture; so cozy and inviting on the surface yet full of sinister undertones. The grilled windows were
a splendid touch – apparently distancing the viewer but also acting as
a warning of entrapment. It’s
a very enticing picture, tempting everyone to stop for
a moment and peer in…

Glimpse is a story that doesn’t age with time; it’s possible to find new meanings after each reading.

They are indeed wonderful pictures, @asajones2 and Charlotte did a terrific job, working from just the few paragraphs I supplied to create their own brilliant interpretations.

And it’s always great to hear appreciation for Glimpse. It’s still one of my favourite stories, I’ve always loved dark gothic ghost stories, the kind M.R James and Poe used to
write. Those familiar with the gothic style will recognise the tropes, the
pained reminiscences of a narrator, haunted by visions and tormented by
their own desires.

I’ve always believed erotic stories should aim to be more than just recipes to arouse their reader. And what better setting for a spanking than a tale of temptation and punishment, one as dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit.

For those who haven’t yet read it, are you brave enough to Glimpse?