The 7th part of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Previous challenges are here.

Challenge – Day 7

In today’s challenge you’re going to do something naughty, and afterwards you’re going to face the consequences of your misbehaviour. You know what happens to naughty girls and boys; a good hard spanking on the bare bottom. Then, afterwards, you’re going to sit down on your soreness and write about what happened…

In spanking stories, a sore bottom is often the consequence of some transgression, some misdemeanour that can not go unpunished. So, in this challenge, you’re going to do something discreetly naughty outside your own home, and then on your return you’re going to be soundly spanked for your misbehaviour…

Here are some suggestions, ideas you might like to try or use as a basis for your own naughty activities:

  • Read a spanking story in a public place, like a cafe or a park, so you won’t be able to touch yourself.
  • Go out (to go shopping, or for a run, or to meet friends) without panties, or wearing a butt plug.
  • Go into a cubicle in a public lavatory, or a toilet at a friend’s home, and touch yourself.
  • Go out and buy a spanking implement, like a wooden ruler, hairbrush or some slippers. If you possess a school uniform, wear it underneath your coat. Imagine you’ve been sent out by your disciplinarian.
  • Go out and buy something with naughty connotations, like a ginger root. Or some condoms and a cucumber. Then play with your purchases when you get home…

Or just do something you personally consider to be rather naughty. Just be discreet. No need to be an exhibitionist, or draw attention to yourself – you should be the only person aware of your misbehaviour…

As you’re being naughty, remind yourself of the consequences. Imagine the spanking you’re going to get when you return home. You might even want to post a confession on your blog, telling your readers what naughtiness you’re currently getting up to, and describing the punishment that awaits you when you get home.

You don’t need to be spanked the moment you get home, you might like to appreciate some anticipation first. You might also like to apply what you’ve learned in previous challenges, like dressing up or getting into character.

Once you’ve had your spanking, sit down on your sore bottom and begin writing. You may write publicly on your blog, or privately in your own journal.

I challenge you to write about your naughtiness, how did it feel to be breaking the rules? Did it excite you to have such a naughty secret hidden in plain sight? Did you feel guilty? Did you feel you were doing something deserving of punishment?

Did you imagine you had a disciplinarian who knew what you were doing, and was waiting ready to punish you when you got home? Did your spanking feel different because you knew you had done something to deserve it?

Write about your experience, and the comeuppance you received afterwards.

When you’ve finished, post what you’ve written with the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge7

And then, I expect you’ll be keen to play.

The next challenge will be posted soon. In the meantime, have fun…