I wonder if it would come as a surprise to reveal that the writers who’ve inspired me most aren’t erotic writers at all. Let me introduce you to my two biggest influences.

First is Jorge Luis Borges, the master of the capricious short story, someone who could cram more mind-bending ideas into a dozen pages than many writers can manage in a novel. Some of his stories were surreal episodes, others labyrinthine logical puzzles, others were theses of high philosophy hidden within stories. If you want to explore his work, find a copy of his two best-known compilations, Ficciones and Labyrinths. You can thank me later.

The other is Iain Banks, a brilliantly imaginative Scottish writer with an seductively accessible style. He wrote effortlessly in several genres, from magical realism to science fiction, and delighted in telling stories of families with taboo secrets. Is it any wonder he appeals to a writer of erotic stories? To get started, treat yourself to Walking on Glass, it even contains a spanking scene. What are you waiting for?

Happy reading.