This is the 10th part of the Self-Spanking Challenge! For newcomers, previous challenges are listed here.

Challenge – Day 10

In today’s challenge you’re going to record yourself being spanked, and then listen to your spanking afterwards. You’re going to relive your experience, and learn about how much the sound of a spanking excites you. Then you’re going to write about what you’ve heard, to describe the sounds and what they make you imagine, and reveal how listening to the echoes of your own spanking makes you feel…

To get started, first decide how you will record yourself. Most smartphones have audio recording software, Voice Memo on iPhones, and various built-in and downloadable apps for Android. You can also record using the microphone built into almost every laptop. The adventurous could also use their phone’s video recording facility, but video is not necessary for this challenge.

You might want to try a test recording or two before you start the challenge proper. Work out the best place to place the device doing the recording so it won’t be overwhelmed by rustling whenever you move.

When you’re ready to play, get into the mindset of your favourite spanking scenario using what you’ve learned from the previous challenges. For instance, you might dress up and get into character, or build up some anticipation before you begin. Perhaps you might get your spanking whilst straddling a pillow.

Now press the button to commence recording, pick up your favoured implement and give yourself a good hard spanking on your bare bottom…

Continue spanking until you feel your bottom is sore enough, but do not let yourself climax. When you feel you’ve been spanked enough, press the button to end the recording.

Then go and stand in the corner for 5 minutes. Hands on head, no rubbing.

When you’ve served your time, you may sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, and listen to what you’ve recorded.

Listen to the sound of each smack; perhaps you’ve never really paid attention to its sound, given how your mind is flooded by the stinging sensations from its accompanying whack.

Listen to your own reaction, what can you hear? Yowls of pain, gasps of surprise, pleas for mercy or mews of pleasure? Does your reaction change over the course of your spanking, as the heat in your bottom builds, or as you feel your arousal grow?

Do you find listening to the spanking arousing? Are you remembering it, or beginning to imagine new interpretations of what you’re listening to? Perhaps you’re outside the door of the headmaster’s office, listening as your partner in crime gets the same punishment you’ve just received. Or maybe you’re imagining listening to a spanking in the bedroom next door…

Perhaps you’ll start playing with yourself as you listen to the echoes of your own spanking. Does it intensify your excitement? Does the combination of listening to your spanking and the stinging heat you can still feel in your bottom make you come hard?

After you’ve finished listening, sit down on your sore bum and begin your write-up. You may write publicly on your blog, or privately in your own journal.

I challenge you to describe what you heard during your spanking. For instance, what does a spank sound like, and how do you react to each smack?

Did you play with yourself as you listened, and if so, were you remembering your own spanking, or imagining what you could hear as the soundtrack of a completely different scenario? What did you imagine?

Did you climax as you listened? Is this the first time you’ve played whilst listening to your own echoes? Is this something you’d like to incorporate into your own playtimes again?

When you post your write-up, you can include what you’ve recorded if you wish.

Don’t forget to add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge10

Playtime should be an adventure, have fun exploring…