Most of the naughty games I’ve posted so far have been for a single player, but we’re social animals, and it’s even better to play with someone else, even if they’re far away. This game combines the anticipation of waiting, with the jeopardy of an uncertain outcome. Share with someone special, and enjoy…

How To Play

These instructions assume one player is the bottom, who will be spanked, and another is the top, who will be supervising or performing the spanking.

The game begins at a time of the bottom’s choosing, who dresses up for the occasion. They might put on a school uniform, or similar roleplay outfit. Or they might choose something sexier and more revealing.

Perhaps the bottom will gamble when they get dressed, leaving their tie
undone, or wearing sexy knickers instead of plain panties, or even
wearing nothing underneath a skirt at all. They might get away with it,
but if they do get caught, they know their spanking will be even longer
and harder.

Once dressed up, the bottom should take a picture of themselves and send it to the top. Perhaps they’ll include a teasing or provocative message to their playmate. The clock starts ticking whenever they hit the send button.

And then the bottom waits.

The top has exactly one hour to reply. If they do manage to reply before the deadline, the bottom can expect to be thoroughly inspected and be thoroughly spanked until they are pink and sore…

But it’s equally possible that the top might also be busy, and not able to reply. Particularly if the bottom has been cunning, and cleverly timed their message to coincide with a period when they know the top is occupied.

If the top doesn’t reply within one hour, the bottom escapes a spanking and gets to play with themselves as soon as the hour is up. Having been anticipating a smacked bottom for an hour, the bottom is likely to be highly aroused, and will have no difficulty in coming hard, imagining the spanking and inspection they so narrowly missed.

The delight of this game is that as the clock ticks towards the deadline, the bottom gets to enjoy the nerve-tingling anxiety of never quite knowing if they’ll be spanked or not. It will feel like sitting in the detention room, glancing at the clock, uncertain whether the headmaster would be turning up to administer your punishment.

The bottom can decide how they’ll spend their time waiting. Perhaps they’ll read, or  watching some distraction. Or perhaps they’ll just imagine their fate, fingers straying. But no climaxing until the full hour is up.

As each minute passes, the bottom will feel the jeopardy building. Knowing at any moment their phone might chirp, and it might be because it’s a message from their playmate.

If the top does reply, and is nearby, they can inspect and spank the bottom when they get home. If the top is distant, the bottom can spank themselves at the top’s direction and send the results.

And that is the joy of The Hour Game. When the bottom gets dressed, they’ll experience the delicious trepidation of never quite knowing what will happen in the next 60 minutes. Will they get an orgasm or a well-smacked bottom? How will this particular episode end?

After all, what fun is a game if you always know its outcome?

Have fun, and a very enjoyable Christmas!

Seasonal Suggestion: In the spirit of Christmas Present, perhaps you should share this post with the person you’d most like to spank you. You could even print it out, put it in an envelope, and hide it under the Christmas Tree…