As 2016 fades away, what better time to look back through what I’ve written during the course of the year, and choose some of my favourite posts…

  • In January, I wrote an article on After Spanking – with advice on how to utilise the erotic energy generated by a spanking.
  • In February, I finished the finale of Coming of Age, with a romantic flourish that I found very satisfying.
  • In March, I posted the poem Slowly, which seemed to strike a chord with many, it’s my most popular piece of poetry.
  • In April, I wrote the first part of The Sit Down Dance, a super hot story of mischief and panty-pulling.
  • In May, I really enjoyed this submission from a reader who was discovering the delights of self-spanking.
  • In June, there was this exquisite description of being spanked, inspected and figged.
  • In July, I posted the very popular Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking, the precursor to several subsequent DIY spanking challenges.
  • In August, I finished the second part of The Sit Down Dance, which made me (and many other readers) very happy.
  • In September I wrote a post on What Nice Men Don’t Say to Nice Women, dealing with the challenges of introducing kinky play into relationships.
  • In October, for Halloween, I wrote a brand new gothic spanking story, Stolen Essence. which I think came together beautifully.
  • In November – I finished another new story called Control, the kind of tale I like to think Machiavelli would’ve written if he’d penned spanking stories.
  • And in December, a Christmas present in the form of a Naughty Game for Two, which might yet turn into a new series of its own.

The calendar year 2016 was disappointing for many reasons, a year of heroes lost and cherished dreams broken. But the fantasy worlds we build inside our heads are ours alone, and should always be a source of satisfaction.

So keep imagining marvellous things.

And I wish you all a wonderful new year.