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December 2016

How many languages do you speak?

English, French and Spanish.

But I always discipline in English. If I tried spanking whilst speaking French, I’d love to think I’d sound like Monsieur Léon, the maître-fesseur from the 1976 cult classic film La Fessée. But in reality I think I’d be much more likely to sound like Inspector Clouseau…

As an avid reader of your stories I’m wondering how stories do you generally write a year and the stories you’re currently working on if you think you’ll finish them before the next year comes as I know patience is a virtue I do not wish to rush any of them because they are deliciously thought out. But again I am an avid reader and have read through everything you’ve written

I do love avid readers!

I usually have several original stories under development at any one time, and typically finish one every 3 months. This year has been quite productive, so I’ve managed to complete the following tales:

The third and concluding part of The Sit-Down Dance is one of the stories currently being written, and will probably be the next to be finished. So look out for it early in the new year, along with some brand new treats!

My recent article on raising kinkiness in relationships has now been posted on Medium. Some readers have begun to leave comments on their own experiences, so do add a comment if you have something to say, I’d love to hear what you think too.

What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women

Naughty or Nice?


Image: St Nikolaus and Krampus pay a visit, Austrian newspaper, 1896.

Previously, I’ve written about February’s kinky little secret. But Lupercalia is not the only day of the year to have spanking connotations.

December the 6th is St Nicholas’ Day, which commemorates a 4th century Christian bishop, who was famed for giving secret gifts. This custom was ultimately to give rise to the idea of Santa Claus, whose name comes from the Dutch for St Nicholas: Sinterklaas.

But what’s really interesting are the characters that folklore has created to accompany St Nicholas on his morality travels. We all know the good saint rewards the children who’ve been good, but for every carrot there has to be a stick, and European folk tradition seems to have had no problems at all dreaming up terrifying stick wielders…

In the image above, the good Saint Nick is rather incongruously accompanied by Krampus, a nightmarish figure who is half-demon, half-goat – the goat aspect probably originating from pre-Christian Alpine folklore. Needless to say, he carries a switch to spank any delinquents.

Different regions have their own characters, in France the spanker is Père_Fouettard, (literally Father Whipper), a dark, sinister, unkempt man who carries many rods and canes and switches in his bundle of sticks. In Germany, the dishevelled flogger is a raggedy man called Belsnickel, (from the German to whack). And in the Netherlands, the birch-wielding assistant is the controversially black-faced Zwarte Piet.

So many regions of Europe do seem to have folk traditions that associate this time of year with the threat of a sore bottom.

So, have you been naughty or have you been nice this year?

If you have anything to confess, you know where to post it.

You might even get the good hard spanking you deserve…

Self-Spanking Challenges


The challenges posted so far…

Day 1 – The Fascination of Spanking

Day 2 – Choices and Consequences

Day 3 – Dressing Up

Day 4 – Anticipation

Day 5 – Cornertime

Day 6 – Alter Ego

Day 7 – Being Naughty

Day 8 – Bottom Inspection

Day 9 – Pillow Hump

Day 10 – Echoes

If you’ve read my recent posting on the adrenaline rush of a good spanking, and you’re keen to experience it for yourself, there are now 10 self-spanking challenges to get your heart racing…

Adrenaline Rush

I know the secret

I know why spanking thrills you so

I can feel it thrum against my fingertips

When I put you across my knee

And grip your flailing hand behind your back

I feel the echoes of your racing heart

Pulsing as I hold your wrist

Kicking feet primed to fight or flight

Liquid fire surging through your veins

Until you pant in ragged gasps

Yet, you could be in the bath right now

Soaking in a cosy foamy dream

In some soft focus cartoon of femininity

But I know how your body really works

There’s a time for nice, and a time for pain

A delicious throbbing kind of sore

Where each smack adds more powder to the keg

And polishes your lips to a glistening sheen

A disciplinarian understands the rush’s power

A naughty girl is made to wait for what she deserves

Marinating in the hormone of shame and dread

Anxiously maturing like the finest wine

Already imagining the first whacks across your bum

A thundering heart making your whole body glow

Until, at last, I pull your panties down

To reveal your shimmering silver flow

A hot palm rests

Upon your quivering cheeks

I know your secret

How spanking really turns you on

As an aside, recent research indicates adrenaline is fundamental to the female sexual response. This might seem obvious to those of us with a kinky disposition, but the prevailing medical wisdom has long been that female arousal was best achieved by “turn on, tune in, chill out”. But this belief seems to be based on cultural assumptions rather than physiological evidence, crass generalisations that define femininity in terms of soft focus romance, candles and whispers.

But if that were true, kinky individuals would be having the worst sex in the world. Because almost everything we do seems to be designed to set the heart thumping. Anticipation and foreshadowing, tying up, sensory denial, the infliction of pain, anal penetration, shame and humiliation – these are all activities that make palms sweat and pulses race.

That’s why your partner’s panties are soaked when she’s spent the whole day thinking about the spanking you promised her. That’s why her tummy flips when you pin her down or cuff her hands behind her back, as you’re denying her primal urge to flight. That’s why she comes so hard after her bottom has spanked until it’s hot and pink, and it doesn’t matter if you spanked her, or she spanked herself.

That’s why even just the thought of good hard spanking makes her wet. And that’s why these stories even exist at all.

Now, bend over, young lady.

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