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January 2017

Reading the post about the one whom challenges herself to see how many times she can cum in 15 minutes prompts me to genuinely wonder, am I some sort of abnormality because I just came 5 times in less than 9 minutes with just my finger? We’ve got a virgin over here but not one who is new to clitoral stimulation. It’s not as though I am extremely sensitive. I apologize if this is an unsuitable platform to raise such a question. I merely felt free to ask because of your post over sexual freedom.

Your question is welcomed. Such inquisitiveness is an important step on
the road towards sexual confidence.

Now, let me tell you that you’re not some sort of abnormality, because when it comes to orgasms, there’s no such thing as normal.

I know ladies who can only come once, then have to take a break because their tender parts have become too sensitive.

know ladies who can come multiple times, riding the crest of their
pleasure like an expert surfer until they finally tumble, exhausted.

know ladies who have never, ever climaxed, but who enjoy plateaux of
continuous pleasuring without ever worrying about scaling the peak.

know ladies who thought themselves incapable of climaxing, until they
bought a sex toy and began experimenting. And then, quite suddenly, they stumbled across that
one special spot, and began to stimulate it just right.

I know ladies who
can only climax when their busy mind is silenced, or when they’re tied
up, helpless at the hands of someone they truly trust.

I know ladies who suddenly become capable of multiple orgasms as they’re masturbated throughout a long hard spanking.

know ladies who choose to deny themselves, enjoying the frustrations of
their disciplinarian’s invisible chastity belt, putting themselves in a
continuous state of arousal with absolutely no touching at all.

So what exactly is normal?

truth is everyone is wired differently, and female genitals possess far
more sensory sophistication than those of males. If you think that the clitoris
is just that little shiny pearl at the top of the slit, you should
immediately read up on its internal anatomy, and start thinking about why it is that rubbing certain regions of your vagina feels so much better than others.

Whilst the male sexual
response is quite predictable, stimulation of female genital anatomy is far more subtle. However you climax,
that’s just the way you are, and it’s as specific to you as your height
or your eye colour.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore and
experiment. You can try denial or edging, vibrations and penetration, new
toys or anal play. You’ll find the more you’re aroused, the more intense your sexual
response can be. That’s why many enjoy spanking themselves when they masturbate, as they’ve discovered they happen to come even harder with a well-spanked bottom.

So, however you’re wired, enjoy the gift your body gives you.

It’s great to have fantasies, the trouble comes when you’re desperate for them to come true…

How do you talk to your crush?

Bedtime stories

What’s the hottest thing you can do with a partner without taking your clothes off?

Read them a story.

Reading erotic stories doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. Choose one that excites you, and just start reading it aloud.

It might be you’ve never considered the erotic power of just your voice, and your partner’s imagination. But you should.

Invite your partner to lie back and listen, and begin reading – and slowly you’ll start to paint vivid pictures in their mind. Better yet, bind and blindfold them, then they’ll truly be at the mercy of your voice, forced to listen helplessly to your devilishly arousing words…

If your partner likes being a little, put them to bed. Watch them putting on their pajamas or nightie, then tuck them into bed. Sit close beside them, and read them a story. Let them close their eyes and drift into dreamland. Perhaps you’ll let them fiddle under the covers. Perhaps you won’t.

Or imagine you’re sitting on your sofa, a perfect opportunity to put your lover over your knee, and read from a phone or tablet resting on their back. Every now and then, as you pause to stroke the screen to move to the next page, you follow it up with a corresponding stroke between their legs.

You unwind the story into their ear, rubbing and patting their bottom as an inevitable spanking approaches. What happens next has already been written, frozen into words many months ago – years even – yet the listener must wait, as the storyteller brings the moment of their discipline closer, word by word, sentence by sentence.

Suddenly, a story shared becomes a playground, with endless opportunities for improvisation. How will the storyteller interpret that lifted skirt or that passionate kiss, or that lingering touch? You might even find it helps overcome the awkwardness of erotic experimentation. After all, it was just the story that made me do it.

If you want more bedtime stories, perhaps it’s time to start dropping hints. Share stories you love with your lover, just a simple comment at the end should do it…

Bedtime story? xxx

Hi, I love your blog and I enjoyed your last post about sexual confidence… I have an incredible shame of my kinks, to the point I cry when thinking about them and can’t talk about them at all. I’ve even troubles confessing them to myself. Once I found a girl with the same interests and confessed my kinks to her, but now our friendship is not sane anymore and I’m afraid to end it because she knows my secret… do you have any suggestions? I’m desperate. Thanks in advance

I’m very sorry to hear that your kinky side is currently bringing you such sorrow, rather than joy.

But you are certainly not alone. All across the world there are people whose upbringing and social taboos have made them deeply ashamed of who they are, and how they feel.

What you’re experiencing now is no different to what generations of gay people  felt before coming out. That crushing sense of shame, a feeling of somehow being all wrong. Human beings are social animals, in the past, being cast out from the tribe could have been a lethal consequence of not fitting in. So we’re mentally wired to feel a deep unease when we don’t conform.

Being kinky, like being gay, is simply a sexual preference – albeit one that goes against the mainstream hetero-normal view of what sex “should be”. 

In 2017, no right-minded person would think of shaming someone for being gay. Society is more accepting of different sexual preferences now. Your challenge is to become more accepting of yourself – to build up your own esteem, to come to understand that your kinks make you unique and deeply interesting, not weird and dirty.

Please don’t develop an anxiety about people “knowing your secret”. I know people can be malicious, and sometimes what’s said or done in the bedroom can be used to bully and humiliate. But as I wrote in the post on sexual confidence, it’s an important life skill to learn to dismiss shamers and bullies.

“It’s a grown-up thing, man. You wouldn’t understand…”

It might also help to remember this number: 125 million.

125,000,000. That’s the number of copies Fifty Shades of Grey has sold around the world. That’s not just the number of people who’ve glanced at it and thought it was interesting. That’s the number who’ve actually paid for it.

Repeat after me.

Kink is cool. If you believe kink is cool.

Kink is cool, because kink is cool.

Unexplored Blank Spaces

I wrote the story Inevitable with an almost philosophical question in mind: would we want our inner sexual desires fulfilled, even if we didn’t quite consciously know what they really were?

In the story, there’s no questionnaires – partly because the Sexcapade institution doesn’t trust its clients to answer honestly, and partly because it doesn’t believe its clients actually know what they want. So like any good scientist, the orchestrating AI forms hypotheses, puts them to the test, and observes the results as the clients play.

I think we’re all like old maps, with familiar territories of experience, strange hinterlands and unexplored blank spaces of desire and fantasy. And we know somewhere, There Be Dragons. It might take a lifetime to explore.

As we accumulate more sexual confidence we begin to voyage to these far-flung lands. Perhaps these stories encourage your explorations, like a glossy coffee-table book of exotic foreign realms.

I wonder, where’s the next blank space on your erotic map you plan to explore?

Sexual Confidence


Sexual interactions require a special kind of
confidence, because what you’re revealing about yourself is so personal
and intimate. When you talk about sex face-to-face, or engage in sexual
activity, you’re putting entire package of who you are on the line.
That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself.

Then you start worrying – what if this comes across as weird? What if I seem like a slut – or a pervert?

From an early age, the adjectives we’re taught to associate with sex are negative: slutty, naughty, seedy, filthy, dirty. So is
it any wonder that when we experience sexual self-doubt, the
associations that spring to mind are shameful and embarrassing ones?

despite the fact we know the terminology that we should associate with
sex is pleasurable, erotic, joyful and adventurous. But old habits die

The problem is that for most of us, sexuality is learned in private, furtively and embarrassingly, without a teacher. As
a result, you find yourself asking: am I doing this right? Is this
deviant? This feels good but is it too weird? 

With little guidance
from anyone else, most people make it up as they go along, learning what they can from giggling friends, the illicit world of porn and erotica,
or some unsatisfying and uncomfortable sexual encounters.

I’ve often
wondered how sexuality would be different if everyone had a private
sexual tutor during their teenage years, someone to explain, instruct
and correct. How our sex lives might have turned out if everyone was
instilled with a bit more confidence earlier on. It’s actually quite a
good idea for a story I think. But it’s never too late to learn those

Some people are lucky enough to have such tutors, of
course. They’re the ones who enter into healthy sexual relationships,
and get to learn about their sexuality by interacting with others,
without shame or judgement. They’re the ones with the sexual confidence others envy, the ones who make life seem so effortless and cool.

course, most of us aren’t that fortunate. But most people don’t have a
personal trainer either, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get themselves
fit. You just have to get into training, and take responsibility for
building up your own sexual confidence.

Sexual confidence is the
remedy to any embarrassment you feel. Learn to talk casually about love
and sex. Imagine a persona for yourself: a cool open-minded adult. Then,
in sexual situations, ask yourself: how would they act? What would they

Begin to consider every sexual situation as a training
opportunity. After all (and this might seem counter-intuitive) most of
the time we interact with others sexually, we do so fully clothed.

  • Explicit scene in a movie? Don’t giggle, nod approvingly.
  • Someone is flirting with you? Tease back.
  • See a couple fondling at a party? Rather than frowning at their brazenness, smile at their adventurousness.
  • See someone topless? Ignore them, because it’s literally no big deal.
  • Conversation with friends veers onto sex? Be forthright. Talk like an adult, not an adolescent.
  • Witness something sexually inappropriate? Never be too embarrassed to stand up for yourself or others.
  • People talk disapprovingly about others’ sexual encounters? Call them for being uptight, ask them why they’re slut-shaming.

remember: sex is natural, everyone has fantasies and almost everyone

As for the kinky stuff – remember, spanking is probably humanity’s most popular fetish; half
the world’s population loves spanking; the other half just haven’t
really tried it yet.

So if you’re in “polite company” and talking about
sex, consider yourself to have a licence to say whatever you want. Don’t
become part of the conspiracy of shame that perpetuates sexual
embarrassment by sneering, giggling and humiliating. Learn to recognise the sexual
insecurity of others, and if they ever attempt to shame you, be prepared
for it, point out their childishness and treat it dismissively.

When dealing with sexual situations, erotic stories can be your teacher. Borrow
from them if you need to, imagine you’re a character like Alice or Penny
– two strong personalities who, whilst submissive, are also supremely sexually
confident too. Or consider how the relationship between the characters in Coming of Age grows by being flirtatiously sexual.

Sexual confidence is like any other form of
confidence, academic or sporting. You just need to work on it,
progressively and continually. With time, you’ll feel your attitude to
sexual situations begin to change, from immature giggling and embarrassment to
the self-assured, opinionated outlook you’d expect from a sexually
mature adult.

But being here means you’ve already started; so welcome on your journey.

I love playing

with that secret side of You

no one else knows

I have this new game. I live with my mum in a 2 bedroom/2 bath flat. When she goes to take a shower, I try to see how many times I can cum when I am reading your stories (or watching porn), using a bullet. So far my record is 3 times in 15 min.

I applaud your inventiveness, dear reader!

It can be difficult to enjoy yourself sexually when you live in a small flat with friends or family. But opportunities for privacy do sometimes present themselves, and your idea of turning your domestic limitations into a challenge is commendable.

Perhaps the sound of the shower will also mask the smacks of a hairbrush on your bare bottom. After all, 15 minutes would be plenty of time for a good spanking – or even a sit-down dance on a panty-pulling chair.

I wonder if other readers have any equally creative ways of their own to play?

Throne of Shame really shook me, and I don’t just mean in a ‘mind blowing orgasm’ kind of way. As a girl who considers herself quite feminist, I really, really didn’t want to like it so much. It actually made me quite indignant, I didn’t want the Princess to succumb to the Prince’s will… but… I couldn’t help how it made me squirm and moan in frustration as I held on til the story’s end. The whole experience got me questioning myself. So I guess that’s good fiction. Thank you and how dare you :)

You’re very welcome 🙂

And I think we’re on the same page, so to speak. Particularly when it comes to the feminist idea of destroying gender stereotypes. In
writing Throne of Shame, I wanted to challenge the reader’s
preconceptions, that’s why I started with the familiar archetypes of the fairytale,
and then set about subverting them.

You may have noticed that the Princess has her freedom limited by several circumstances. But the Prince never ravishes her, in fact, he never comes at all.

All the characters in the story are deliberately
ambiguous. Hence the Princess isn’t a delicate flower, she’s a
fighter, who rejects the role she’s born into. Yet she finds the power
of authority seductive, she is not completely virtuous, she was shamefully aroused by watching her friend being punished in her

Is the Prince a rescuer or an abductor? Does the
Princess want try to preserve her mask of royal authority on the throne,
or does her body long for the disgraceful ecstasy of the horse? And is
the mysterious ‘servant girl’ a Princess or a consort?

So Throne of Shame asks: do we choose our own roles or would we prefer someone else to decide them for us, based on their expectations?

After all, like you say, good fiction should leave the reader questioning…

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