Your question is welcomed. Such inquisitiveness is an important step on
the road towards sexual confidence.

Now, let me tell you that you’re not some sort of abnormality, because when it comes to orgasms, there’s no such thing as normal.

I know ladies who can only come once, then have to take a break because their tender parts have become too sensitive.

know ladies who can come multiple times, riding the crest of their
pleasure like an expert surfer until they finally tumble, exhausted.

know ladies who have never, ever climaxed, but who enjoy plateaux of
continuous pleasuring without ever worrying about scaling the peak.

know ladies who thought themselves incapable of climaxing, until they
bought a sex toy and began experimenting. And then, quite suddenly, they stumbled across that
one special spot, and began to stimulate it just right.

I know ladies who
can only climax when their busy mind is silenced, or when they’re tied
up, helpless at the hands of someone they truly trust.

I know ladies who suddenly become capable of multiple orgasms as they’re masturbated throughout a long hard spanking.

know ladies who choose to deny themselves, enjoying the frustrations of
their disciplinarian’s invisible chastity belt, putting themselves in a
continuous state of arousal with absolutely no touching at all.

So what exactly is normal?

truth is everyone is wired differently, and female genitals possess far
more sensory sophistication than those of males. If you think that the clitoris
is just that little shiny pearl at the top of the slit, you should
immediately read up on its internal anatomy, and start thinking about why it is that rubbing certain regions of your vagina feels so much better than others.

Whilst the male sexual
response is quite predictable, stimulation of female genital anatomy is far more subtle. However you climax,
that’s just the way you are, and it’s as specific to you as your height
or your eye colour.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore and
experiment. You can try denial or edging, vibrations and penetration, new
toys or anal play. You’ll find the more you’re aroused, the more intense your sexual
response can be. That’s why many enjoy spanking themselves when they masturbate, as they’ve discovered they happen to come even harder with a well-spanked bottom.

So, however you’re wired, enjoy the gift your body gives you.