The latest part of The Sit Down Dance has just been posted!

Will strict Miss Hastings uncover what the girls were up to? Or will the girls outsmart and evade their headmistress?

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And here’s a sneak preview. When you’re ready, please do report to the waiting room and remove your underwear. The headmistress will see you soon…

On an average afternoon, Miss Hastings would tend to open her door to discover one or two red-faced young ladies waiting outside. She would ask each girl for her note, tsk-tsk her displeasure, then spin her around, lift her skirt, and tuck the hem into back of her waistband. She would then promptly pull the poor girl’s panties right down to her ankles, dashing the miscreant’s faint hopes she’d somehow be reprieved. In this school, all naughty girls were spanked on bare bottoms.

Once the girl had stepped out of her panties, they were hung up on a little hook on the wall, and she was told to sit back down on the bench. Bottoms now bared, most would gasp in surprise as they sat down on the cold surface of the varnished wooden bench. The seat was deliberately high off the ground, so most girls had to place their hands on the bench and hoist themselves onto it. As her feet dangled nervously above the floor, anyone sent here couldn’t help but feel like a very silly little girl indeed.

The slipper wasn’t the most painful implement the headmistress possessed, but it was easily the most noisily ostentatious. Each spank produced a loud slapping whack, which carried through the door and beyond, permeating deep into the ears and minds of those waiting outside. Each girl would stare at the floor contritely, squirming as she sat on her bare bottom, already imagining her spanking had started…