An anonymous reader writes:

“I don’t know if you take suggestions but my little panty wettening
scenario is something I’d love to read, but I’m not a writer. At the
least I’d like your opinion on my fantasy. It’s a boarding school &
all the girls sleep in one room. No touching oneself. If you get caught
by a patrolling matron the headmistress is called & punishment
begins. First all the girls must gather round to watch. Your nightgown
and legs are to be raised & you are inspected. Humiliation is a big
part of this.

Matrons then use the ridged handle of the paddle & their gloved
hands on your clit to make you cum-spanking after orgasm = greater pain.
Then you are bent over the foot board-all of the beds are discreetly
designed for such punishment-& spanked by the headmistress-length
& specific goings on of this bit vary from occasion. Next comes the
real punishment. Since your desire was pleasure you are to give it to

You are made to mount the bed post, which goes in your front bottom or your arse. You bring
yourself to an embarrassing climax in front of of your friends &
classmates. Once your moans have faded you are very humiliatingly washed
& your holes are filled with variously shaped plugs, hands tied
behind your back & you are put to bed naked.  

*very much love you
& your work. Love to know what you think of my dirty mind* – aching anon”

What do I think?

I think I love your dirty mind. And I also think you deserve some good hard spankings on your bare bottom, so you get to experience what obviously turns you on so much. But as a special treat, and to reward your initiative, I’m also going to weave your suggestions into a mini-story, and see if I can make your panties even wetter.



Let’s begin by asking: how does Miss know when to conduct her surprise inspections? How does she know to burst in, just as a girl is on the very verge of coming? Is there a snitch in the dorm, who surreptitiously presses a secret button in her bedframe to alert a patrolling matron to any ongoing misbehaviour? And not just when she hears the tell-tale moans of a classmate playing with herself, but also if there’s talking after lights out, silly pillow fights or anyone getting out of bed.

If masturbation was suspected, the dozen girls in the dorm would be expected to line up at the foot of their beds to have their fingers sniffed, and then their nightgowns inspected for incriminating damp patches. Not just at the crotch, but under the arms too, to uncover the sweat patches caused by intimate exertions.

Any girl giving cause for suspicion would of course have to be inspected more intimately. Lying on her back with her nightgown lifted, she would first have her nipples examined for firmness. Then her mound and thighs would be scrutinised for the sticky residue of sexual excitement. Finally, in full view of all present, her legs would be lifted, and she would hold them over her chest as her slit was inspected.  Matron would look thoroughly for any evidence of arousal, in the wetness of her vagina, the puffiness of her folds, and the sensitivity of her clitoris.

Any girls in line who hadn’t been inspected yet would tend to close their eyes whilst their friends were being probed, lest they become too excited and inadvertently condemn themselves to the same shameful fate.

A girl found guilty of touching herself is immediately masturbated to a humiliating climax. Then, whilst her body is still trembling and her legs are still wobbly, she is bent over the foot of her bed to be spanked. The bottom of each wooden bedframe is not a level beam, it curves down in the middle, into a gap wide enough for a young lady’s hips. Like the hole in medieval stocks, this hollow will keep its occupant in position when she is disciplined, no matter how much she kicks and squirms.

The headmistress is summoned, whilst the rest of the girls are inspected. Any girl who found watching her friend’s ordeal too arousing could expect to join her, bent over the gap of her own bed with her own bare bottom proffered in the air. So most stand waiting with hands chastely clasped behind their backs, lest they be tempted to rub away the ache that throbs between their legs.

There’s a collective intake of breath as the headmistress arrives, her black academic gown over her fine silk pyjamas. She is carrying a round leather paddle, as dark as the night that has been so disgracefully disturbed. The naughty one is scolded and then thoroughly spanked, her bottom now exquisitely sensitive having climaxed so recently. The fearsome paddle smacks the miscreant’s poor bottom until it is hot, pink and sore, as she buries her face in her bed covers to conceal from her friends her cries and her tears.

But afterwards, there is one final humiliation for masturbators.

She is made to mount her own bedpost, straddling one of the two elongated pear-shaped knobs at each corner of the foot of her bed. If the girl is on her period, the knob will be lubricated, and she’ll stand over and then sit down upon it, so it penetrates her bottom hole. Otherwise the girl will have the humiliation of facing her classmates as they watch the knob stretching and filling her hungry wet cunt.

The girl on the bedpost knows the sooner she comes, the sooner her public disgrace will end. So she rides the protrusion vigorously, then wantonly. If she tries to cover her cunt to preserve her last vestiges of modesty, she’ll feel the paddle slapping her sore bum in discouragement. This is a public punishment and those witnessing must see her slide all the way up and down the bedpost,  until its smooth varnished surface is coated with a creamy slick by the rider’s dripping slit.

Only a single finger is allowed to touch, most on the knob frantically rub their clits as they race towards their release. Whilst slowcoaches are spanked to quicken their ride. Girls on the knob never come quietly, the neighbouring dorms will hear her exclamations, and be warned.

Finally, the offender has her holes cleansed with a cold flannel, and is made to step into a special pair of rubber chastity pants. These have two stubby plugs in their gusset, one for each hole, deep enough to frustrate, but not deep enough to pleasure, and a rigid dome over her clitoris to ensure no rubbing is possible. The panties have a locking clasp above the hip, so they won’t be able to be pulled down until Matron unlocks and releases her in the morning.

Then the naughty girl is put to bed wearing just her chastity panties. The skin-tight rubbery material cruelly prevents her from rubbing away the sting from her whacking. The watching girls are then ordered back to their beds, each one secretly aching between the legs after what they’ve seen.

But they know better than to try to satisfy their urges here and now. Each girl will wait, replaying what she’s seen in her mind a dozen times until she can be finally alone in her own favourite wanking spot. That rarely visited lavatory in the basement of the library. That little shed by the tennis courts. That hollow deep within the overgrown bush in the corner of the school gardens.

Once hidden in her secret place, her fingers will wander beneath her skirt, whilst her other hand muzzles her mouth. Then she’ll rub herself, imagining the humiliation of a thorough inspection, and the delicious soreness of a good hard whacking. Then she’ll think of the knob at the bottom of her bed, the last thing she looks at before falling asleep, the first thing she sees on opening her eyes the next morning.

One of these days, she knows she won’t be able to resist any longer. Her fingers will stray under her nightgown, and she’ll be caught. Everyone will be watching as she’s thoroughly inspected, wanked and then spanked. Then it will be her turn to stand naked in front of the whole dorm and straddle the knob. Her fingers enter her panties, eagerly filling her wet hole, mimicking the rough entry of the imagined intrusion.

Deep down, every girl knows that one evening soon she’ll end up riding the knob at the end of her bed. She knows her friends will watch in rapt silence as her slit is examined and her bottom is smacked, before she straddles her bedpost and comes in disgrace. Yet it won’t be because her self-control will have failed her, it will be because she’s finally built up the courage to experience what she’s secretly craved for so long. 

And then, with hot breath gasping into her palm, that’s when she comes.