If it wasn’t for the creators of original content, the world would be a staid and boring place. Just the same old pictures, circulating endlessly. So I want to take this opportunity to encourage those who create new things, and feature the best of their work on this blog.

The world needs more creators, and more original voices. You should never feel your work is worthless just because you haven’t built up a following yet. It’s the efforts of everyone – who draw and paint, write down their thoughts and take new pictures – that make the Tumblr community a vibrant ever-changing place, one worth returning to.

This blog, and the stories within, only exist because when I started out, complete strangers sent messages to me offering their encouragement. Had no one cared, I probably would have given up and moved on to something else. My stories only exist because of the kindness of strangers.

So, if you create spanking related content, whether it’s in the form of stories, pictures, illustrations or audio recordings, send me a link to a post that you consider shows off your best work, and I’ll repost it here, using the tag #spankingshowcase.

So send me a link to your best post. And I look forward to introducing you all to some brilliant and fascinating new people…