You’re not alone in your desperation, dear reader. I’m asked this question often enough that I’m sure I could run classes in self-spanking. I would be a very strict teacher.

Good, authentic disciplinarians are rare, and are consequently rather hard to find. So my advice is to begin by just talking to people.

You have at your fingertips an absolutely extraordinary technology – a modern magic that will let you connect to
anybody, anywhere in the world instantly. Yet most people only use “social media” to talk to people that we
know. So reach out, find others who are like-minded, and make friends.

Making friends is the important bit, get to know those you talk to, see if you enjoy interacting with them. If you’re going to submit to them, and spank yourself sore at their command, you’re going to need to trust them. You might get lucky and find yourself a great disciplinarian – but even if you don’t, you’ll have fun talking about spanking, and you might even make a few friends. Both are great outcomes.

I realise the search for a spanker can be frustrating, that’s why I created the self-spanking challenges, so those without disciplinarians could play, explore and experiment in the safety of their own homes.

So, I’d recommend trying the challenges, experiment and find out what you enjoy about spankings. And at the same time, start talking to others – you might discover a great spanker, you might even discover you don’t even need one. You never know where your journey might lead. Good luck!