Spanking Theatre inspired me and my little slut slave to play today.

He writes beautiful stories, and I set Kate some homework. She had to read part two of ‘The Sit Down Dance’ and come back with her idea of how to portray it.

She came back with an idea, and this is the result. I took a few photos, and more will follow…

But for now, read this excerpt, and then go to his site, to read it all. I highly recommend that you do.

_   _  _

Alice reached down to Lola’s ankles, pulling up her panties carefully, ensuring the gusset parted Lola’s puffy wet lips, and was snug against her clit. Then she took Lola’s hand and lead her back to her chair, on top of which were a couple of cushions. Lola took her seat, and Alice knelt behind her, tying the waistband of Lola’s panties to the back of the chair with a shoelace, then tugging the cord until it was quite tight.

Now Lola obediently placed her hands behind her back, on either side of the middle slat of the chair back, allowing Alice to slip a cuff onto each of her wrists. These were improvised too, two old tennis sweatbands sewn together. By having their hands bound behind them they were putting themselves completely under their Mistress’s control. And it kept wandering fingers well away from naughty places.

And that was Lola, ready to dangle. Her white panties tight against her slit, a wet spot already visible between her legs.

Addison was summoned across Alice’s lap next, she was a petite girl, with skin so fair it resembled fine porcelain, something that gave her the appearance of an old-fashioned doll. She wore her honey-coloured hair in long tresses, but the most physically captivating thing about her was her eyes, little green orbs that danced bright with impish amusement. Addison was one of those people who laughed regularly, with a rich and infectious giggle.

Addison was the kind of girl quite determined to never take life too seriously, and whose natural expression was a subtle crooked grin, as if she’d just pulled off some particularly entertaining mischief and was just dying for someone to find out. That propensity for mischief had lead to many visits to the Punishment Room, where she’d met the other members of their little spanking gang, finally discovering three new friends who shared her  nefarious mutual interest.  

Twelve spanks later, Addison found herself sitting beside Lola with her panties tight against her aching clit, both squirming as they watched Penny’s cute little bottom turn pink. And then there were three; three naughty girls ready to do the sit-down dance.

“Lift up, girls.” Alice announced.

In response, the seated trio braced their heels on the frame of the chair, lifting themselves up from their seats slightly. Alice then moved between them, whipping away the top cushion from beneath each, then reaching down to take their feet down from the chair and onto the floor.

Suddenly, there were gasps and squeals.  

As each girl dropped onto the lower cushion, her panties were sharply pulled upwards, dragging harshly against her bottom hole, and burrowing into her weeping slit. At first, they can’t help but squirm, but gradually their movement diminishes, as they realise it’s only making their predicament worse. Clenching their fists bound behind them, all they can do is moan, tormented by the burning strip now running between their legs. Alice could recognise that ragged breathing from her own recent time on the Bench, those short gasps that accompanied the incessant upward tugging friction against her twitching clit…


Many thanks to Kate and the wonderful @asajones2 for staging this scene from The Sit-Down Dance Part 2.

For the curious, this is what a panty-pulling chair looks like, with the sitter’s panties tied to the back of the chair with shoelaces, and both cushions since removed, so she now sits with her panties pulled tight between her legs. Perhaps this delightful depiction might inspire your erotic inventiveness, and you’ll create a chair of your own