That’s the great thing about fiction, you don’t need to love everything that goes on in make-believe. Murder mysteries, thrillers and spy novels are hugely popular genres, but in real life their readers would be horrified by the kind of violence those books regularly describe. And that’s fine.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to act out every sexual fantasy that turns you on. I think we all agree, spankings in real-life should be between consenting adults only. Yet stories of non-consensual spankings can be hot. Just as stories of murder can be exciting.

Erotic fiction is just make-believe with fewer clothes. A medium where we give ourselves permission to imagine things that in real-life we might consider dark, shameful, transgressive or even painfully uncomfortable.

That’s why we have such powerful imaginations, why ever since the dawn of culture we’ve loved stories and bards. Never be embarrassed by what you project in the theatre between your ears.