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March 2017

Self-Spanking Challenge #12: Star in a Story

The 12th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 12

The previous challenge was to see a spanking story as more than just words to be passively imagined, but as a source of new ideas that could be actively re-enacted. This time the challenge is to go a bit further, and play through a story of your own choosing. Then afterwards, you’re going to write about your vicarious experience…

Begin by choosing the story you’d like to re-enact. This list of all the stories I’ve written groups them if you want to choose a particular genre.

Next, choose what character you’d like to play in the story (you might even choose to play more than one). Have a think about what they would wear, and if possible dress up in a suitable costume. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just enough to get you in the mood.

Now start reading through the story, and begin to re-enact it. This is the where you challenge your imagination. For instance, if you’re reading Abstract Art, the story begins with the main character watching one of her classmates being spanked with the ruler. That’s a great opportunity to do a search for ruler spankings, and then imagine the images or videos you find are what you’re watching from the back of the class…

Likewise, if you choose a story like Waiting, the story will begin with your own spanking, and then you’ll be sent to stand in the corner (where you can continue reading, or you could even blindfold yourself and get your device to use text-to-speech to read the story to you as you wait). Be imaginative – and think about the possibilities to improvise.

Or, if you choose a story like Ups and Downs, you might want to play the character of Stephanie (or Bethany in part 2). Speak their dialogue aloud as you pull your panties up and down, before you bend over the pillows you’ve set up to represent the thigh of your headmistress, and bend over for the spanking you deserve.

When the story reaches the part where your character is punished, just improvise with whatever implements you possess, and give yourself the good hard spanking the story describes. You can continue smacking until you feel your bottom is sore enough. And if the story involves your character being pleasured, I’m sure you’ll be very keen to recreate that aspect too.

Once you’ve come, you may sit down on your sore bottom and begin writing. You may write publicly on your blog, or privately in your own journal.

I challenge you to describe your vicarious experience – what story did you choose, and what character? And what was it like to play them? What was it like following the dialogue and actions in the story text rather than improvising your own fantasy? What ideas for play can you give to others who might re-enact the same story?

Has this challenge changed how you think of spanking stories? Can you now see them as screenplays to act out, rather than just naughty words to masturbate to?

If you post your write-up, don’t forget to add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge12

And I hope this challenge will have given you some ideas. Once you do start seeing stories are recipes rather than just descriptions, you open a whole new world of possibilities. Those with adventurous imaginations could have a lot of fun, don’t you think?

Dear Spanking Guru , 1) Is it ok to spank on vulval region and breasts ? 2) Is it more pleasurable for a girl to be spanked during orgasm ? Thanks for your insightful guidance,

Yes, the vulva and the breasts can be spanked. Be aware some women like it, but some don’t. Some brief guidance:

  • Start by slapping slowly and gently.
  • Use palm or fingers, avoid harder implements until you’re both confident.
  • Ask your partner how it feels after every couple of smacks.
  • Get her to tell you if she wants it harder or softer, or there or not there.
  • Don’t spank hard until you’ve established what she likes and where, it’s different for everybody.

As for your second question, in my experience spanking does tend to intensify a climax. Try this:

  • Have her bend over and tell her to put a hand between her legs.
  • Tell her to start rubbing, and begin to slowly spank her.
  • Tell her she’s a naughty girl for masturbating.
  • Give her occasional encouraging spanks, wait for her to get close.
  • Tell her she’s not to climax without your permission.
  • Begin spanking her harder, until she begs for release.
  • Tell her to come hard as you spank her bottom quickly and firmly.
  • Continue spanking as the pleasure surges through her body.

You should find her orgasm is very intense indeed…

Continuing the new showcase of original spanking content is an audio recording by the wonderful @sexfairy-princess. What’s unusual about this recording is that the spanking isn’t a consequence of naughtiness, but a means of cathartic emotional release. And one that’s combined with a very different kind of release too. So do pay this lovely lady a visit, she’s promised me she’ll be recording more erotic audio adventures soon…

Showcase: Sexfairy’s Punishment

My girlfriend is really into spanking. Problem is, I have never done it before. Any tips for a first time spanker?

If your girlfriend is already into spanking, what you need to do is confront your own anxiety about impact play.

Many who’ve never spanked before are nervous about smacking their partner’s bottoms. It produces a loud noise that suggests it’s much more painful than it actually is. This can be intimidating, and make new spankers feel like they’re hurting or abusing their lover. But if the bottom wants it, nothing could be further from the truth. So stop thinking of spanking as “hitting” your lover, and start thinking of it as pleasuring her instead.

To begin, start by announcing your intentions. So it’s quite clear what’s going to happen. Being a spanker means taking control, and she’ll find that hot.

“I’m going to spank your bare bottom! Bend over my knee!”

Keep your composure. The little rituals of spanking might sound a little ridiculous at first, but remember – you’re playing. This is not serious. Spanking is just a game, just another kind of sexual fun.

“Pull down your panties!”

Tell your partner to bare her bottom. This will help demonstrate to you that she really does want you to spank her. Her consent will help allay your uncertainties  about slapping her bottom.

With the palm of your hand, begin spanking slowly and firmly. This will help you to aim your smacks, so they land in the correct place – which should be the lower half of each buttock, just above where it meets her thigh.

Concentrate on establishing a slow, steady rhythm, alternating between her cheeks. Don’t attempt to speed up or whack harder. Spankees enjoy the steady accumulation of the stinging sensation you impart.

“What a naughty girl!”

You don’t need to spank in silence. Throw in a bit of erotic admonishment, tell her how much she deserves what she’s getting, and how much she needs your strict hand.

Carry on spanking for a minute or two. Then stop and do something else. You can always resume spanking later if she does something to deserve it…

And that’s it. Once you’re used to spanking, you can try a few variations to spice things up, a bit of roleplay perhaps, using different implements or having her adopt different positions.

Don’t overthink things. Take control. Spank slowly and firmly. Talk and laugh. And have fun…

I have read most of your stories and really like them. I have been fascinated with the idea of spanking for almost 3 years now. The problem is it feels wrong and no one I know seems to feel like same way, so I only come on and read your stories late at night once everyone is in bed. I dream of the day when someone will take me over their knee for a spanking though. What kind of things can I do now when I am alone?

The first thing you should do is stop thinking that spanking is in any way wrong. I assume you’ve read what I’ve written on the subject of sexual confidence?

The next thing to do is accept that not everyone gets to act out their fantasies in real life – but that’s why erotica exists, and why our erotic imagination is so powerful. Get comfortable imagining your fantasies, and gaining satisfaction rather than shame from them. At some time in life you may well encounter someone else who shares your
kink. Aim to be a sexually confident, guilt-free individual for when
that happens. 

And if you want to experience the physical sensation of a smacked bottom, that’s why I created the Self-Spanking Challenges. You might want to read the Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking first. If it turns you on, smacking your bottom is just another form of masturbation. So experiment, and enjoy!

Birthday Surprise

A new spanking story

“You wanted to see me, Miss?”

“Yes, young man! Your recent behaviour in class has been disgraceful! And you know what happens to naughty boys in this school…”

“Yes, Miss. They’re spanked, Miss.”

“A good hard spanking, on their bare bottoms.”

“Oh Miss! Can’t I be excused? Just this once? It is my birthday!”

“Is it now? Then it seems appropriate you get your spanking in your birthday suit.”

“Oh no Miss!”

“Everything off, fold them neatly in a pile.”

“Of course, Miss.”

“Now kneel in front of the coffee table. Hands behind your back.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Time to shed this cumbersome old gown, I think.”

“Goodness Miss! You’re not wearing anything underneath!”

“Indeed, boy. Quite naked, apart from my favourite heels. And I see I’m making you pleasingly stiff.”

“Why yes Miss!”

“Now your headmistress is going to stand astride you, and place one of her feet on the table before you. See how I’m lifting my heel slightly, so there’s a gap between the sole of my foot and the slope of the shoe. That should be just wide enough for your stiff little penis. Slide it in.”

“Oh Miss!”

“On the table you’ll notice a nice leather paddle. Pick it up, please. In this school, we don’t waste our energy punishing our delinquents, all naughty boys must smack their own bottoms.”

“Can’t you…”

“Quiet, boy. Now reach back, and rub the paddle against your bare cheeks. That’s it. Now start spanking your bottom! Yes! And again. Harder. Harder. Harder!”

“Ouch! Please, Miss!”

“This is what happens to a naughty boy here. Kneeling under his headmistress, her hot wet slit hovering just above his face. Yes boy, sniff it. Lick it. Satisfy your mistress. I have your little cock squashed beneath my foot. Trampling you. Roll your head back, I want the tip of your nose in my bum hole as your tongue laps at my folds. Taste my excitement. Savour the scent of feminine superiority…”


“Did I tell you to stop spanking? Harder, boy. Harder! I want that tight little bottom bright pink before you start to spurt.”

<muffled moans>

“Yes. That’s it! Spank yourself as you fuck the space beneath my foot. Mmmm. Yes. I do enjoy your hot breath panting against my slit.”

<stifled gasping>

“You know your mistress is in complete control. I’d better lift my foot, I think you’re getting too close. There, nothing to thrust against now. You know your mistress always comes first. I’m cupping my crotch now, matching the tempo of my rubbing to the delightful rhythm of your smacking. Don’t dare stop licking! Don’t dare stop spanking! Yes. Yes! Yes!”

<slobbery gasps>

“Oh what a good little boy! You’ve made your headmistress come all over your face. Can you feel the sticky streams of my wetness as they dribble down your chin?”

“Yes Miss!”

“Now it’s time to put my foot down, young man. Can you feel my heel pressing down against your cock? Keep spanking, boy. I want to feel your cries against my quivering cunt, getting hotter and quicker until the final whack that makes you come.”

“Please, Miss! Please!”

“That’s it! Bury your face in my cunt. Mmmm, that’s so good! Now come hard for me, you dirty little boy! Yes. Oh yes! I can feel your hot spurts tickling the underside of my foot! Keep spanking as you empty yourself, boy! I want to see a creamy cascade flowing down the arch of my shoe to my toes.”

<muffled cries>

“What a filthy rascal you are boy! Spilling your sticky mess into your headmistress’s favourite shoes!”

“Oh. My. God.”

“Happy birthday, hon!”

“Wow. Thanks, dear. That was some birthday present! I would’ve loved to have attended a school like that…”

“I bet you would. Here… some tissues. Clean yourself up, but don’t get dressed.”

“Oh? Something else planned?”

“No, I just like seeing you naked. Have a seat.”

“Sexy surprises seem to be becoming a bit of a birthday tradition for us.”

“A great tradition too. I still think about my 20th.”

“Your 20th? Whoa! I thought your Mum was going to kill me when she burst in on us!”

“Ha Ha Ha! It must have been quite a shock for her. To open my bedroom door expecting to see her little princess, but see your bare thrusting bottom instead.”

“Yeah, and her own daughter kneeling on her bed, being fucked hard from behind.”

“Meh. I was a big girl.”

“It was rather rude of her to interrupt, just as I was giving you my birthday present.”

“And a very thoughtful and satisfying present it was too.”

“My big stiff cock in your tight little slit?”


“Though your mother didn’t seem to appreciate the moment.”

“I hadn’t even realised she’d be home! I thought she’d still be at work. I wasn’t expecting to see her until the party that evening.”

“Talk about being caught in flagrante delicto!”

“Completely red-handed!”

“I was actually balls deep when she burst in! I remember being petrified. Half of me wanted to pull out, but I remember thinking that if I did, your Mum would see my erection. So I decided to stay inside you, and hope she wouldn’t realise what we were up to…”

“I think it was pretty obvious. We had been pretty noisy, your ankles were bound to the bed, and there was an open box of condoms on my bedside table.”

“True. I was even more surprised when she told us both to stay exactly where we were.”

“I wasn’t complaining. It felt so good having you pushed so deep inside me.”

“Yeah. Being caught fucking you made me so hard.”

“I know!”

“Though I didn’t dare look round at your mother. I just heard her picking up something from your dresser…”

“Ah yes, my dear old hairbrush.”

“Then I felt this cold hard circle pressing against my bottom cheek.”

“Oh yes, I know that sensation well.”

“Oh? Did you get spanked on your bare bottom when you were a naughty little girl?”

“Were? I still am…”

“Naughty minx!”

“That’s me.”

“But I couldn’t believe your Mum was about to spank me! At my age! I wasn’t a little boy any more!”

“Yeah honey, there’s nothing little about you any more.”

“Heh, thanks. But then she did actually spank me! Two really hard whacks, one on each cheek!”

“Yeah, I could actually feel them through your cock, resonating deep inside me. Actually, I remember smiling to myself at the time, relishing how you were getting the pain and I was getting the pleasure!”

“I think that was her way of seizing my attention. I got the impression she knows exactly how to handle young men. How to impose her authority.”

“You’re right. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly.”


“I still remember the first time I introduced you to her. Ha ha!”

“That was terrifying! It felt like a private audience with a medieval Queen.”

“She can be very protective of her little Princess.”

“Well, I certainly don’t have any secrets from her now.”

“Ah yes. She got you to pull out of me, and took a good long look…”

“I was long alright! That was so embarrassing… I’d even shaved myself bare for the occasion, like some kind of porn stud. And now here was your mother examining the sheath, checking the end to see if I’d come.”

“You weren’t the only one blushing. My face was burning hot when you pulled out, as I knew Mum could see my own gaping wet hole.”

“It is a beautiful view though. I never tire of it.”

“Ah, you old romantic.”

“But I was shocked when she told me to enter you again. I was fully expecting her to put a stop our filthy activities, and order us to get dressed immediately.”

“That’s what your mother would have said, dear! My Mum has never been uptight about sex.”

“Don’t I know it. I thought she was going to stand behind us and watch us fuck. Perhaps even start giving us directions.”

“Hey Mr Porn Star! I’m sure if she’d wanted to watch a performance she would’ve just used the internet like normal people.”

“But then I felt the cold hard hairbrush against my bottom again. She said that she was going to spank me like a naughty boy, and that if I came, you’d get spanked too, with exactly the same number of smacks.”

“I know! Wasn’t it a delicious predicament?”

“When the next few spanks landed, I remember recoiling forward, pushing deep into your cunt. It stung painfully, but also felt amazing. It didn’t take long to realise how difficult it was going to be to prevent myself from coming. But the longer I held out, the more you’d eventually get.”

“What a dilemma. But I have to say, feeling you thrust into me felt incredible. On those first few spanks, you fucked me like a wild animal.”

“I’m sorry I had to stop. But I knew I couldn’t keep that up. I remember bracing myself against your hips, trying not to pump into you as each whack hit. I thought your Mum was punishing us, I was trying to save you from a spanking.”

“How very noble of you, Sir Knight.”

“But then you started squirming, grinding backwards on my crotch in time with each smack.”

“Perhaps I didn’t want your chivalry, dearest. Maybe I wanted to end your ordeal, and get my own share – before you racked up the hundreds.”


“You’re so stubborn we might’ve been there all night!”

“Actually, it wasn’t long until I was struggling to hold myself back. I felt so naughty kneeling behind you, my bare bum at your mother’s mercy. I felt like a very bad boy indeed, one who’d been caught doing something disgraceful. I felt I was receiving a punishment I thoroughly deserved.”

“I must admit, I was impressed by your endurance.”

“I kept looking down at your cute little bum as it pressed against my hips. It was so smooth and pale and perfect. I wanted to protect you, I didn’t want your beautiful bottom to be marked and suffer the burning soreness I was experiencing.”

“Just like Tom Sawyer…”

“Yeah, caned in front of the class to protect the girl he adored. I’d always considered that an incredibly noble act.”

“Did you ever think about that scene when you were wanking?”

“Of course. I imagined filling in the missing details of the story, massaging my stiff cock as I pictured Tom in his own bedroom afterwards, pulling down his own underwear to examine his pink marks.”

“How interesting! Because I remember playing as I imagined myself as beautiful Becky Thatcher. Lying in her own elegant frilly bedroom, slipping her fingers into her bloomers as she replayed Tom’s whacking in her mind.”

“You think she was aroused watching poor Tom being caned?”

“Oh absolutely! I think she’d have found watching his punishment tremendously exciting. And not just the spanking, but also her emerging realisation of the extent of her feminine power. That now she somehow had the ability to make boys desperate to do things for her.”

“Just like what I was doing, as your mother spanked me.”

“Exactly. Nobly taking my punishment for me. So hot.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were pushing back on me, grinding yourself on my cock. You were getting yourself off, weren’t you?”

“Of course!”

“In my fantasies, Becky secretly wished she’d got the caning she deserved. She was stroking herself as she imagined bending over, the strict rod of authority tapping against her soft little bottom…”

“Ha! What nonsense! Becky would never have wanted to have her bottom whacked. She was way too proud. She was the Judge’s daughter, don’t forget. She grew up in a household defined by authority and punishment. Dispensing discipline, that was what turned her on.”

“Get you, clever clogs.”

“Becky’s fantasy would’ve been seeing every boy in the class being marched out into schoolyard. Then watching through the classroom window as every one was made to lower their trousers and bend over the wooden boundary fence for a whacking.”

“Yes, you would like that.”

“And then pitiless Becky would tingle with satisfaction as their schoolmaster went down the line, administering a dozen stripes to each young man’s poor bottom.”

“That would have been cringingly embarrassing for the guys, knowing their classroom crushes were peering out the window, staring at the stripes on their bare bottoms, and giggling at their discomfort.”

“Perhaps more than giggling…”

“So whilst I was having my poor bum spanked, you were finding the whole experience very exciting indeed.”

“Of course! Even just the sound of each smack was intoxicating. How each whack echoed, and turned your gasping breaths into stifled cries.”

“You can be so cruel!”

“Glad you like it.”

“You certainly enjoyed the accompanying fucking.”

“It was amazing. I felt the tremors of each spank tremble through your body, until they were barely a shiver against my own bare skin. And all the while your cock was transmitting that delicious flutter right to place where I throbbed the most.”  

“You can thank your mother, I’d never realised she was such an expert spanker. A perfect rhythm, unerringly accurate. Somehow she knew exactly where to smack me. I tried holding myself back, but with your tight little hole squeezing me, and the stinging heat in my backside, she had me teetering on the edge.”

“You weren’t the only one. Toward the end I put my hand between my legs and started rubbing. What a naughty girl I was… getting off to the sound of my dear boyfriend’s spanking.”

“You came first. I could feel it. Your moans escalating until they were almost a howl. Suddenly I felt your insides grip me, and you juddered back and forth, urgently impaling yourself upon my cock…”

“Yeah. Wow. It was intense.”

“Your convulsions finished me. You made me come so hard! The dam suddenly burst and I was spurting, again and again, with your mother seemingly determined to spank every last drop out of me.”

“I must admit my memories of the moment are rather hazier. I just remember a woozy few minutes of spanking and moaning.”

“After I’d come, I was half-expecting your mother to drag me by the ear into the corner. To make me stand in disgrace, burning bottom on display and condom still dangling between my legs, heavy with my cum. And I’d have to stand there with my hands upon my head, listening to you being put across her knee, and getting the spanking you’d been promised.”

“There was never any danger of that.”

“Oh really? But then your mother just wished you ‘Happy Birthday!’, and left.”

“Mmmhmm. Now, speaking of which… I have a little present for you. Here… let me put it on for you…”

“Happy Birthday, dear! Aww, that looks lovely, it really suits you. Such wide eyes. Wasn’t that a nice surprise?”

“Yes, it’s a ball gag. Nice and squishy, you should find it very comfortable. No need to mumble. I’ll do the talking from now on.”

“In fact, I do have a bit of a confession too. There was never any danger of me being spanked by my Mum… because I arranged the whole shebang.”

“She’d asked me what I’d wanted for my birthday. And you were what I wanted above everything else. Or to be more precise, I wanted to be fucked as she spanked you hard.”

“It had been my fantasy for years. Ever since I’d once sneaked into my parents’ room, and found their extensive collection of toys and rods and magazines. She’s an accomplished spanker because she’s accumulated plenty of practice. But never on me. A few years ago she told me how she loves to domme, how she likes to go to parties to discipline mischievous men.”

“Remember that time I made you lie face down on the bed, and stuck that big dildo between your shoulders?”

“Mmmhmm. Of course you do. I stripped off and straddled you, sitting on your shoulders so I could pin you to the bed, my shins holding down your flailing arms. Feeling myself sink onto the protrusion and taking it deep. Then I spanked your cute little bum a lovely shade of pink with my favourite leather paddle.”

“You couldn’t move your upper body, but you could squirm at the waist. It wasn’t long until you were humping the bed in time with my smacks. The recoil of your hips grinding your stiff cock into the bedcovers. Such a naughty boy! So I spanked you until you lost control, and you splattered your mess everywhere! And then just for good measure, I spanked you some more, until you were squirming helplessly in puddle of your own sticky cum.”

“Oh we must do that more often! I did enjoy spanking you with that fat dildo so deep inside. I could feel your breath lifting me up and down, like I was floating in a boat on the gentlest of waves. Then, when I was ready, I rose up on my knees slightly, so I could properly ride it.”

“I established a rhythm, my left hand rubbing, whilst my right hand smacked. Rubbing, fucking, spanking. Faster and harder, up and down, faster and harder. All together in a glorious medley, until I came in one final glorious crescendo. That’s when you would have felt my wetness dribbling onto your back.”

“Remember all that? Well, Mummy taught me that particular trick.”

“So yes, I confess: the events on my 20th birthday – I planned it all. Even down to what you got spanked with. Me and that lovely hairbrush go back a long way – we had my first orgasm together.”

“What a naughty little girl I am. What a devious little minx! I deserve a good hard spanking on my bare bottom, don’t I Sir?”

“I’d better bend over, and spread my legs apart. Is this how naughty girls get spanked, Sir? I’m afraid I don’t have much experience.”

“Is this how you imagined Becky bending over in the front of the class? Hitching up her dress, and pulling down her skimpy little panties to reveal her soft pale bum and her glistening slit? I bet that would’ve made every boy in the classroom rock hard.”

“Oh my. Tom Sawyer! You filthy boy! Just look at how stiff you’ve got!”

“I’m just going to roll this condom on. There! Now I can sit down upon my favourite naughty seat. A nice hard cock is a terrible thing to waste.”

“Oh… yes! Sitting on your lap feels so good! Now, let’s just sit here together, and wait…”

“I do hope you don’t mind the gag, but believe me, it’s better this way. Less talking, more listening. Because I’ve an extra special birthday surprise for you, my dear…”

“I’ve invited Mummy round.”

“And she’s going to bring a few of her favourite toys.”

“She’s ever so keen to see you again…”




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Naughty boys might like to send this to their mistress, with a mischievous accompanying note. “Some ideas for you, Miss?”

As for strict mistresses – well, I hope you’re already planning your next Birthday Surprise

Will you ever finish Waiting ??? It was great I can’t believe I missed it until now!

No, Waiting is a stand-alone story, rather than part of a series.

The ending is ambiguous, but that’s intentional, to give readers an opportunity to imagine what exactly happens next. As for missing it, I reckon there’s quite a few gems written years ago that newcomers might not have seen, so I plan to occasionally repost older stories to my feed. Look out for them.

And if you haven’t read Waiting yet, you should report to detention

Naughty boys get smacked bottoms too

One of the things about writing is you can write about absolutely anything.

So I decided to create something a bit different, and finish off one of the story ideas I’d sketched out in my notebook. It was also an opportunity to try a different style of writing, so I wrote the story as an extended conversation, with no descriptions, just dialogue. And, as I consider variety to be a virtue in life, this is an F/M story – it features a man getting his bottom smacked by a woman.

So, hands up… who’d like to read an F/M spanking story that’s very hot indeed?



I’d never been good at waiting.

But his instructions were quite clear.

“Stand still, be quiet — and don’t turn around.”

So I just stare at the wall and listen to footsteps walking away. He
stops after 10 steps. Behind me, a hinge creaks. There’s some clattering
and some rustling. What is he doing?

There’s a hulking wooden cupboard at the back of the classroom. It’s
always kept locked, like some ancient reliquary. What exactly lies
within has been the subject of many speculative conversations among my
peers, but no student has ever looked inside. He must be looking for a
suitable implement to punish me with. What will it be, I wonder?

The suspense is building, my breathing quickening, but I dare not
turn around. That would be asking for trouble. Yet, my curiously is an
itch that must be scratched. Restraining my impulsiveness has always
been my weakness. Maybe just a peek, I’m sure he won’t even notice me. I
can’t even hear him, he must be still rummaging inside the cupboard. I
take a chance, quickly turning my head — only to see him looming over
me. His voice chastises my disobedience.

“I told you not to turn around”.

Keep reading…

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