An anonymous reader writes:

I am a terrible procrastinator. I am confident that I would not be the first to suggest that I actually am a very good procrastinator as I seem to lean directly into it. I have found that I must employ a reward scenario to encourage the completion of my chores, however, because I have so often avoided responsibility, I feel it is important to add elements of discipline and punishment.  Today, I have a small list of chores, the last one being that I must write this, a detailed account of my disciplinary methods, for you.

To begin, I must insert a plug into my bottom. This particular implement is being used as I am often in need of a reminder that only well-behaved girls receive pleasure in their cunts. I have not yet earned that right. To return to the plug, it is the Goldilocks sized – neither too big, nor too small. Its bulb is 1 ¾ inches in diameter and is not meant for long term wearing. Rather, it is intended for dilation. It provides a full and open feeling physically (and a naughty, slightly humiliating feeling mentally), therefore, as the sphincter is being stretched, my muscles can not hold it in place.

To combat this, I have employed three leather belts to ensure that the plug stays firmly in place for the duration of my chores. And that my wandering fingers are kept well away. In effect, I have created my very own chastity belt. The belts are used thusly:

The first is secured tightly around my waist.

The second is looped in the back through its own buckle around the first. It passes through my legs, snugly against the plug and through my pussy, up again to pass up and over the first belt at my waist. It is important at this time to ensure that the labia majora are splayed firmly apart to ensure maximum contact with my delicate folds and my clitoris. Like so…

The third belt is then affixed around my waist, just beneath the first. Its role is to ensure my movements to not allow the vertical belt to slip and allow for relief from the pressure on the plug and against my clit.

Finally, I pull up my panties over my belts, and I’m now able to move on to my tasks. I’ve decided that my past infractions warrant interims of ups and downs followed by self spanking. It seems that intervals of every 10 minutes will provide the careful reminders needed to maintain focus.

So when the kitchen timer rings, I position my self in front of the hall mirror. Each time I slide down my panties I ensure that the belt is keeping my lips apart and plug firmly in place. It seems that every three cycles, they slip ever-so-slightly back behind the belt. I carefully pull them back out, tightening the vertical belt. I find that I am drawn to the image of the belt seeming to cut my cunt lips apart and that ,with each successive inspection, the pinkness increases on my mound and between my lips. It is so pretty.

Once I’ve completed 10 ups and downs, I turn so my bottom faces the mirror and bend at my waist. Using a lovely wide bamboo spatula, I deliver 10 hard swats to each side of my bottom. It makes a shocking cracking sound when it makes contact with my skin and produces a biting sting. It is important that although each impact is painful, I do not allow a reprieve to interrupt the administration. Instead, I remember it is my duty to myself to continue, and to only receive my reward upon completion of my chores. Once again, I admire the pinkness of each cheek and how they are wickedly separated by the belt pulling my panties up a last time. I reset the timer and move back to my tasks.

Eventually, my chores are almost complete, and my body is on edge of delightful pain and pleasure. My pussy and ass are beautifully pink. My clitoris is throbbing against the belt and my anus is grasping rhythmically at the plug inside. Looking in the mirror, I finally get to undo the belts.

I run my fingers along the indentations left at my waist and marvel at the pink stripe between my buttocks.  As I bend down, I can see that my delicate skin to either side of my plug is a deep pink. So too is my entire swollen, wet vulva and I can’t help but watch my fingers of one hand massage the smooth red skin along and between my lips while the other one pushes and releases on the plug in my bottom. 

Suddenly, I am thinking about the final scene in *Inevitable* and I realize, that for all of my plans to complete my chores and find reward, that to orgasm from something being pushed in and out of my bottom too was inevitable. My report to you is finished, my last chore complete.

My fingers find my clitoris. I fuck my ass. I am done.

Thank you, dear reader, for these enticingly detailed instructions. I’m sure many reading what you’ve written will be thinking about improvising their own chastity belt. As you explain well, only a couple of belts are required, one around the waist and one between the legs. The third belt is only necessary if a tighter fit against the crotch is desired.

I think may find the idea of being put into a chastity belt very arousing. It is means of denial that was even mentioned in my most recent story, as a way of keeping naughty girls’ fingers from fiddling. How ironic that a device intended to counter masturbation should itself be so erotic…