The Obedience Stool

As inspired by ‘spankingtheatre’ 

in his wonderful story ‘Pride and Obedience’

In fact, I was inspired so much that I made an obedience stool and requested my girl, Kate, to demonstrate it, here is a taster of what is to come at a later date…

In the story set in Regency England we meet an obedient girl named Serena sat by her Mistress, looking very demure. Little do we, or the visitors in the story know, that she is actually sat on an obedience stool.

Similar to a foot stool, but with two additions, two stems…two dildos in fact, one for each hole.

The story is erotic and beautifully written, so I suggest you go to the tumblr blog and read it.

So here is my beautiful Kate, acting the part of Serena.

For correction I always use spanking, at all its levels, but from now on, for a lesson in obedience I shall make her sit, fully inserted by both dildos for as long as I see fit, before her spanking.

She now respects and adores her obedience stool, and is sat on it, at my feet right now as I write.

I suggest you make one, they are an ideal addition to any Dom/sub relationship. Especially in a Victorian / Regency themed one like ours. I have made ours with a fixed dildo for her pussy, and a moveable one for her bottom, simply because having tried it, it was a little difficult to mount, but now, it is perfect and both can be inserted fully. The replica Victorian dildos can easily be purchased on line.

I love seeing her on it!

I love seeing her looking adoringly at it too as she is in the last photograph.

God she’s sexy! Such a delightful little strumpet!!


This is marvellous work! @asajones2 has built his very own obedience stool, even using replica rounded Victorian dildos for full authenticity!

I love how a long dress conceals the sitter’s kinky secret, how she can sit demurely at the lap of her Master or Mistress, and a visitor would be none the wiser. I love how the twin protrusions keep her still and in position, this is a seat created for obedience, not riding.

Yet you needn’t be an expert to improvise your own stool, just a couple of dildos and a seat is sufficient. Then you can sit down, feel your holes fill, and let the hem of your long dress fall to the ground. Just imagine sitting like that, waiting for your lover to find you..

That’s why I wrote Pride and Obedience.

To inspire, and excite.