It seems many of you have enjoyed creating your own Obedience Stools with a seat and suction dildos. And good to hear you’ve been sitting obediently still, and not riding up and down like some randy tearaway. That would be quite unacceptable – as those put on the stool are sent there to learn to behave.

Improvised Chastity Belts have also been proving popular, with thin leather belts being pulled tight between readers’ legs. Denial is popular way of playing, you don’t have to climax every time you play, and the belt is an excellent way of enjoying the torment of wanting to come, but being unable to.

Some readers have worn their belts surreptitiously under clothing for an evening, or even over or under pyjamas in bed. Some have told me you like to imagine your strict governess puts the belt on you at bedtime, to keep your fingers away from your throbbing clit. And also how, when you finally release yourself, how your super-sensitised slit makes you come extraordinarily hard.

Others have imagined the belts are part of school uniform, worn beneath your  knickers during class. Or the only thing you’re permitted to wear in the presence of your Master or Mistress.

Whatever your fantasy, do keep the messages coming, I do love hearing what creativity these stories have inspired…