Over the years, many of you have been asking for audio recordings of these stories, so I’m delighted that the wonderful Pandora Blake has just recorded herself performing Message in a Bottle.

It’s fantastic to hear such an experienced performer reciting my words, especially a narrator with such a seductive voice. It’s the nuances of speech that make a great storyteller, and Pandora relates the tale as if she’s sharing an intimate secret with one of her closest confidants. She speaks playfully, revealingly and evocatively.

You will need to be a @dreamsofspanking member to listen to the full recording, but if you’d like a taste, you can listen to an excerpt of Pandora’s fantastic  performance here:


If you’re on Twitter, I’d highly recommend following Pandora too. She’s an active campaigner for sexual expression and freedom from censorship, and someone who strongly believes in deshaming kink. The world could do with more voices like her.

And if there’s a story you’d particularly like to hear recorded next, do leave a comment!