Being undressed and intimately scrutinised by an authority figure seems to be a popular fantasy. From the messages I’ve received, many find the prospect of having a thermometer probing their bottoms both mortifyingly embarrassing and intensely arousing. 

It’s not hard to see the erotic attraction. Just imagine having your temperature taken after a spanking, as your disciplinarian spreads your sore cheeks apart to reveal your tight little bottom hole. Your arousal would be unmistakeable. Evasion would be impossible.

Perhaps you’d be over your disciplinarian’s knee. Hands clutching your hot blushing face as the thin lubed stem of the thermometer pushes inside you. Or perhaps you’d be on your back on your bed, your nightie gathered around your chest and your legs raised high in the air.

Your disciplinarian would see everything, of course. Your desperate shame adding to the erotic thrill. But, just like all the best acts of discipline, temperature taking is performed “for your own good”. It might be embarrassing, but it’s done because your carer cares about you – and that simple fact is the most erotic reason of them all…