Oh, so you’d like a story where a naughty girl is sent to wait in her room for a spanking. She’d stand at the corner of her bed, on her tip-toes, straddling the thick round knob of her bed post. As her calves tired, she’d impale herself. He’ll be up soon, to take her temperature – and spank her bottom as she squirms.

Or perhaps she’d wait kneeling on the bed, with the smooth handle of her hairbrush already filling her vagina, the bristles of the brush prickling the skin of her buttocks. Until at last her disciplinarian arrives, to withdraw the brush and inspect her thoroughly.

Goodness, look how wet and sticky you’ve made the handle, girl.

Then he’d spank her, a dozen whacks, making her bottom hot and sore.

And then… he’d slip the handle of the brush back between her legs. Filling her up. Moving it back and forth, slowly in and out. Inspecting her closely all the while, the dribble of her wetness, the quivering wrinkle of her bottom hole, and the swelling of her lips.

Do you find that thought exciting? To be wanked off by the spanking brush? To have it pushed deep inside after every dozen spanks, only for the brush to be cruelly withdrawn just as you’re getting close. That’s when your spanking resumes again.

Is that how you masturbate?

Do you fantasise about being spanked and wanked?

Spanking your own bottom, then impaling yourself on your hairbrush? A dozen ins-and-outs, followed by a dozen spanks? The cycle repeated until that one last thrust…

What a delicious way to come…