The brilliant Oscar Wilde once wrote that a cynic was “… a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.“

If he could see our modern world, he would think we live in a very cynical age.

If we try to put a price on everything, we destroy the whimsical and sentimental cultural pleasures that enrich us all.

Tumblr faces this existential dilemma, and is currently trying to monetise its community of users. Millions who exchange what they enjoy for free, because sharing is the very essence of a shared culture.

I give away my work, because I consider conjuring an intimate image in a
faraway stranger’s imagination a tremendous privilege. One I value far
more than any coins you could place in my palm.

Like many content creators (and we are few), I write for the thrill of story-telling.

Were I to keep my stories to myself, I’d be like a library
without an entrance. My stories remaining locked away within my mind.
Slowly fading, until they’re gone forever.

what an age of wonder we inhabit. One where our words can effortlessly
travel across our planet, falling into the eyes of myriad readers,
conjuring into being unique new worlds in each receptive imagination, as
if by magic. That capability alone is extraordinary enough. So I
give away my work because participating in this sorcery is its own

And, I
write of intimate things. Shadow themes most of us would prefer to keep
private. By not demanding payment, readers are free to explore my
worlds in privacy, without announcing their most personal inclinations
to the internet’s sinister monetisation engines.

So consider what I write my gift. From my imagination, to yours.

But with the future of kinky blogs on Tumblr now uncertain, and long-standing cherished spanking blogs sadly fading away, I believe the value of a sharing culture is more important than ever. And one worth celebrating.

You might not appreciate it until it’s gone for good.