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July 2017

Why I went to work without wearing any panties

An anonymous reader writes:

With butterflies in my tummy I climbed the stairs to my apartment, well
aware of what was waiting for me when I walked through the door.

sat innocuously in my bedroom. Polished wood gleaming in the last rays
of sun filtering through the windows. Upon its seat, four pillows, a ribbon and pair
of black lace fringed panties. If I was going to receive a stripe, I’d wanted to do it in style.

Cautiously I tip-toed
around the chair, nervous about doing the sit down dance. I took my time
undressing. Neatly hanging my work clothes in the closet. Eventually naked, and
resigned to my fate, I turned towards the chair and readied myself, pulling my black panties
snug against my slit, then taking my seat, and tying them firmly to the back of the chair.

The rules were to read the whole story, and take one cushion away each time I commenced a new part. Four parts, four pillows.

Removing the first
pillow, I relaxed back into the chair and began the introduction. My panties were tight against my
mound… but not unbearable. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as bad as I remembered.

came for the second part. Panties snug against my bare slit, I squirmed
a bit. Color rising in my cheeks. At first I read casually.. but with
each little wiggle at the particularly salacious bits my panties were
tugged more firmly against my mound. My reading pace increased. A little
grin formed as Addison made her appearance, but soon my attentions
strayed back to the slowly increasing burn between my legs.

too quickly it was time for the third part. I whined to myself, now
reluctant to remove the next pillow. Chewing on my lip, I finally removed it, gasping as my panties were pulled tighter against my poor abused little
slit and bottom hole. I struggled not to move. It had now moved past
uncomfortable to painful. I read quickly, trying hard not to grind against
the cloth nestled roughly against my swollen clit. I was not convinced
increasing the burning ache of the stripe was quite worth the effort of
trying to rub my clit against the panties.

delicious scene with Penny soon appeared on my screen. My jaw hung loosely, I was nearly panting. I wanted to touch so, so badly.
I wanted to grind against the fabric until I came hard with my legs
wide open on the chair. But the stripe hurt. And I found myself doubting I’d be able make it through to the finale…

But I managed it, I finished Part three, and it was time to lose the final pillow. I almost
didn’t do it. I was so tempted to release myself, and try to soothe
the burning stripe away. But swallowing hard, I
removed the pillow. Quickly. Before I lost my nerve. I groaned loudly as
I settled back into the chair. I couldn’t stop the little whimpers, my
toes tapping on the floor as I dangled and my chest heaved.

The fabric was pulled
impossibly tight against my slit and bottom hole. I could barely stand it, and couldn’t linger. I began to read part four quickly, which immediately put me in a conundrum. The opening is deliciously wicked. I
wanted nothing more than to grind my clit against the cloth of the
panties, relieving the insistent little throbbing. But the intensity of
the burning stripe kept me still… yearning to be released.

couldn’t help fidgeting as I read more, the pace of my reading
continually increasing. Quiet whimpers fell almost continuously from
my pretty lips as I tried not to concentrate on the burning line
between my legs. Struggling to keep my concentration on your words, until suddenly, the end ambushed me. I was almost startled when I finished…
I’d been so focused on the fiery sensation between my legs.

I quickly untied myself from the chair and stood.. Suddenly filled with
trepidation once more. Pulling down my panties was going to hurt almost
as much as doing the sit down dance in the first place. Taking a deep
breath I slowly started to pull them down. I squeezed my eyes shut,
almost gasping as I felt them pull free.

a moment to savor the feeling between my legs, I remembered the last
thing I had to do before coming. Hard. To spread my legs wide and pose for my inspection. Now pink faced and embarrassed, sore and
wanton, I quickly slid my fingers to the place I’d wanted to rub
throughout the entire exercise of enduring having my panties pulled. I
groaned… I was so sore.. so wet… so eager to come… and yet it hurt
to rub.

My yearning for release prompted a fierce internal struggle, forcing me to
decide what I wanted more: to endure and come hard? Or to leave my
sopping slit alone, resigned to throb and ache beneath my sheets from
both the dreadful stripe and unsatisfied need?

It was almost an agonizing orgasm.
The soreness of the stripe and the eager desperation to come duelling
forces as I wrestled with the intense sensations brought about by touching my aching

I came hard. Roughly… forcefully… at times I wanted to
stop, my stripe aching just too much… and yet I couldn’t stop… the need to
come overruling my need to leave my abused little slit alone.

The next morning I woke to find my slit still tender.  Getting dressed I tried on several different types of panties, with even
the softest pair I own proving to be too sore. I resigned myself to
going to work without panties, only to find later, to my horror, that I was
also unable to sit comfortably with my legs primly closed.

some ways, I think that the stripe has more of an lingering impact than
a good spanking does. My thoughts were constantly on the soreness
between my legs.. of the heart pounding embarrassment of not being able
to keep my legs properly closed. I was forced into a quite indecent posture, one I was 
unable to keep hidden beneath my desk during several parts of my day.

I now appreciate why the sit down dance is such a devious punishment. A
spanking can be covered right up, but the stripe – the stripe is often
too tender for clothing to be brushing against it all day. Ensuring a
bare cunt is hidden just below the hem of one’s professional skirt.

Even now, I perch writing this in little more than a t-shirt, I’m trying
to keep from putting too much pressure on my poor sore slit. Yet despite my discomfort, I find myself very excited again. What a
delicious little predicament…

Thank you, dear reader, for a marvellous submission. A wonderful account of the joys and soreness of panty-panting.

I loved the next-day consequences, preventing the wearing of panties and the prim closure of legs. Forcing the adoption of a highly indecent posture at work, legs spread, bare slit barely concealed.

And the wonderful torment of being so wet and desperate to come, only to
find how much it hurts to rub. You can understand why it’s Miss Hastings’ favourite punishment, and also why the members of the Red Stripe Gang find it so irresistible

I read the final part of the sit down dance as my bedtime story, and last night had the most intense and lurid dreams! I dreamt I was a member of the red stripe gang, and even shaved myself completely bare. We were all naughty, so Miss put us over her knee and spanked us. Then she put us on the bench! When I woke this morning my panties were drenched! I had to take a long shower… Thank you for this beautifully crafted journey, and what it inspires! (:

A most delightful dream, thank you for sharing!

I’m a big fan of bedtime stories. After all, if you’re going have lurid dreams, dreaming about surreal, random stuff seems such a missed opportunity. Far better to read about something exciting, that stimulates your mind and causes you to wake up as a horny, trembling, sticky mess.

And I like to think these stories have countless possible sequels, which you can compose and experience in your own imaginations.

It makes me very happy to hear you enjoyed the journey so much!

The Doll


A sneak peek of my latest story… coming soon…

One particular fairy-tale from my childhood has always haunted my dreams. 

You may roam around my home,

He said, go anywhere you please.

Except the library in the tower

What a most peculiar tease.

One day bored, she disobeyed.

Sneaking up the twisty stairs, and there,

On a plinth beneath the steepling shelves

A tome awaiting one who dared.

Curiosity overtook the impetuous girl,

Heaving open the hefty umber book

She knelt amid the misty sunbeams,

And consumed it in a single look.

But disobedience has consequences

The minx had read an enchanted scrawl

Now high in the clouds she’s petrifying,

Slowly transforming… into a doll.

For as long as I could remember, I’d wanted to be one of my dolls. Not permanently, of course, that would quickly become very tiresome. Maybe just a hour or two. Long enough for someone to play with me, to stroke my cheeks and comb my hair.

I’m not a narcissist, but I know I am beautiful. I see heads turn when I pass by, admiring me. I watch their eyes rove across my pretty face, quickly, trying to avoid the awkwardness of eye contact, as if my own eyes were too bright for mere mortals to behold, and they risked staring into the centre of the sun. Then, their gaze drops, to my slender neck, to linger lewdly on the small round mounds of my breasts.

I see them appreciating my slender body, the hourglass curves of my torso and waist. I know those who pass behind me will glance furtively backwards, trying to catch a glimpse of my perfect pert bottom. I often wonder: is this how a statue feels? To be an object of rare and graceful beauty, somehow contrived from the disorder of the universe, existing to enrich all those who gaze upon it.

When I think of myself as a statue, or a doll, as an object that arouses others – it excites me…

The Secret of Sexual Spontaneity


The secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning.

There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens”. That everyone’s up for sex, all the time. That new and exciting bedroom activities are improvised on the spot, forged from the white hot furnace of our mutual sexual excitement.

None of these is really true.

Real life isn’t like a porn video, where you go from answering the door to orgasm in under 15 minutes. (If your life is like a porno, congratulations, you can stop reading now and get ready for your next fucking).

For the rest of us, we’d all like to be more spontaneous, to introduce new activities into our sexual relationships, to keep things hot and spicy. But what if you can’t think of anything?

It’s the lovers’ equivalent of writers block. You wrack your mind, trying to think up something kinkier, crazier or more intense. But that’s a tough challenge, and more often that not, you’ll find your mind going blank.

Don’t believe me? Then try this little experiment.

How many sex acts can you name?

Go on, just name them, say them aloud.

Soon, the images you summon to mind will run dry. You know there’s more, but you just can’t recall them. Dozens of ways to give oral sex. Hundreds of positions for fucking. That’s because our
minds aren’t build for that kind of remembering. That’s why we have
books and libraries and search engines. If we need to know something, we know we just need to look it up.

Hence spicing things up doesn’t necessary mean an escalation of being ever kinkier and filthier. But taking inspiration from elsewhere, incorporating ideas you’ve found, rather than just made up there and then. It might not sound sexy, but advance planning is actually pretty hot.

So, what do I mean by planning? Where do you get ideas? And how do you incorporate them into your sex life?

I’m going to let you in on a little sex secret…

Take turns planning a Sex Night

Yes, put it in your diaries. Good sex is important. Commit to it.

The idea of Sex Night is you and your partner will take turns being the instigator. If it’s your turn, you’ll gather ideas from pictures, videos and stories, source the necessary props, and then as the night unfolds, you’ll direct it, giving the appropriate instructions.

Taking turns being the instigator doesn’t mean you have to switch, (unless you both want to), so if one of you prefers to dom or sub, the instigator can plan activities accordingly. This is how I want you to dominate me, or this is how I want to submit to you. The point of taking turns is that both of you get to choose, and so introduce the other to activities that arouse you.

Here’s an example taken completely at random. It just happens to be at the top of my Tumblr feed right now.

He ties up his lover, blindfolds and puts headphones on her, playing music so she can neither see or hear. Then he strokes her, gently. He kisses her lips and then her breasts. He gags her moans with his hand as he caresses her, then runs an ice cube down her body. Only when her vulva is hot and swollen does he sooth it with the ice. Only then does he pleasure her with his tongue.

All that, from a single post!

Note how none of these activities is particularly original, surprising or excessively kinky. It’s seeing the combination of several simple erotic activities that’s so inspiring, because they’re so simple we know we’d be able to intimate them, and do them ourselves.

You could share the post with your partner, and whisper: this is what
I’m going to do with you tonight. Or, make it a surprise – and have them
think you’re some kind of super-creative sexual mastermind. After all, the dirty little
secret of Creativity is just being skilled at hiding your sources.

As you get more confident, you can use what you find as the basis for your own improvisations. If you like spanking, play the sound of a spanking scene through the headphones, let your partner imagine the scene they’re listening to, as if they’re in the same room facing the wall, waiting their turn. Every now and then, lift their headphones and whisper into their ear that they’ll be getting their bottom smacked soon.

Erotica and porn can be more than masturbation material, each scene is a potential sexual inspiration. Find what arouses you both, and enjoy the journey of mutual discovery.

Be inspired and have fun…

The Masturbation Serendipity Challenge

Here’s a little game for those who like to play.

Click on this link:

It will take you to a randomly chosen post on this site.

Read whatever post is suggested, then visit the same link again (or click on the “SERENDIPITY” menu option at the top of the page).

The rules are simple. If you find the post arousing, you may play with yourself. Perhaps you’ll be sitting on a dildo or a plug, riding slowly up and down with every sentence you consume. Maybe you’ll give your own bottom a spank.

If you finish reading or it’s not hot, click on the link again to get a new post.

Now, here’s the question:

How many clicks until you come?

Feel free to reply/reblog and add your answer (better still, why not also mention the post that finally helped push you over the edge).

Have fun!

I think I might be asexual and this upsets me because I like spanking and the idea of having a partner in this way but who would want to be with me when sex is out for me

Let me tell you: millions would.

According to a 2014 survey of over 1,500 Canadian adults, 44% of men and 24% of women would like to spank someone else. So if you’re not interested in sex, that’s cool – you get to choose a partner from BOTH pools!

Of those who like spanking others, most will play as part of a sexual relationship. But not everyone. The most glorious thing about human sexuality is its diversity. As long as both partners consent, there is no right and wrong, just a spectrum of love and physical contact being expressed in different ways.

In my article Why do you like spanking?, I explain how spanking it fundamentally a form of adult play, and it doesn’t need to involve sex. I’d recommend it if you haven’t yet read it.

Contemporary culture seems to suggest everyone’s having sex, all the time. But this is not true. There are plenty of people who aren’t that bothered about sex, or prefer to experience sexual pleasure alone.

Lift up your eyes, and you’ll begin to see the possibilities. You might find a partner for spanking roleplay: ageplay and teacher/student scenes don’t need to be sexual. Or they might be your disciplinarian rather than a lover. They might be gay, and not into your gender, but still be happy to spank your bottom. Or they might not be into sex at all, just like you.

For many, spanking isn’t just an aspect of their sexuality, it is their sexuality. Be optimistic and open-minded, and opportunities will present themselves. Embrace who you are, and I wish you every happiness.

I just finished part four of the Sit Down Dance, and I’m utterly, incoherently aroused. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece of erotica, you’re incredibly skilled at erotic writing and I can’t wait for your future updates.

My pleasure! It was very satisfying to be able to convert the story I’d had
planned in my head (and sketched out in my notebook) for so long, and finally render it into written
words. And best of all, to share it with others at last.

You’ll be pleased to know my next story is already nearing completion, it’s a realisation of an idea I’ve wanted to write for ages.

The subject matter is agalmatophilia.

I think it’ll expand your mind. I think you’ll enjoy it…

Hi there, May I ask how does one find your F/m spanking story?

There are currently two stories featuring strict ladies spanking naughty boys:

If you like that kind of story, share and enjoy!

Share the joy of the written word


Here’s an updated list of what I’ve written, ordered by popularity…

I think some of those stories deserve a bit more love, don’t you? Especially some of the undiscovered gems at the bottom of the list.

Most erotic pictures routinely get hundreds or even thousands of likes, but written posts rarely achieve a fraction of that. Yet original writing is the result of a great deal of creative effort, and it needs its own champions. So, if you find erotic words arousing, perhaps you’ll share a few of your favourites?

Now updated with my latest story!

Share and enjoy!

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