An anonymous reader writes:

Hi I just needed to share this with you. My bf/Dom and I are in the process of moving bc of his work (I work for a company that has offices nationwide so I can move pretty much anywhere). Anyway, he had been away for almost 3 weeks and I was under strict orders not to play with myself while he was gone. I didn’t really follow those orders because sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do lol Well he came up with a new discipline, sort of from mixing punishment panties and the sit-down dance and how we already do it.

Instead of completely undressing me like he would for a spanking he left my panties on and tied my arms up to the ceiling. Then he took two pieces of rope and ran one through the legs holes of my panties and up my back and tied it to the ceiling hook then the other piece of rope the same way but on the front so ‘they’ll stay as tight as I want them.’

He then gave me the most pleasurable spanking I have ever received. We’ve done punishment panties and spanking together before but there was nothing like have that little bit of swing from being tied up to the ceiling and the pressure of the panties against my clit. I told him next time we might have to try with a plug or bullet vibe to see if I can orgasm during my dance.

Also – don’t let him know – but I might start misbehaving on purpose if this is the punishment now 😉

Thank you very much for your submission, dear reader. It’s lovely to hear the two of
you are having such fun, and I’m sure readers of this blog will enjoy
imagining you as you dangle from the ceiling with your panties pulled
so tight. Your tiptoes hovering just above the floor as you squirm, dancing to the beat of every delicious spank…