I’m a firm believer in sending the naughty to bed with sore bottoms.

The story Punishment Panties has a good description you might like to emulate, where Alice and Penny are spanked hard until their bottoms are pink, before both have their panties pulled tight. 20-30 minutes dangling on the panty-pulling chair should suffice, don’t loosen your underwear afterwards, but put your pajamas on over it, and then go straight to bed. Remember: no masturbating on the chair, no touching, and certainly no coming as you squirm.

An alternative to pulled panties is to create your own double leather chastity belt. This can be worn with a butt plug if you feel you deserve to have your bottom hole stretched. Some like to rub the plug with chilli or ginger juices for extra heat. Make sure your bottom is well spanked before bedtime, of course.

When you wake the following morning, you (or your disciplinarian) can remove your belt or punishment panties and conduct a thorough inspection of the red stripe between your legs, and the tender area between your buttocks. Best of all, you should continue to throb and ache throughout the day, as a lingering reminder of your naughtiness…