“Tell me about her…”

There’s curiosity in your voice. I can hear it.

You remind me of her. Not your accent, of course, but your natural inquisitiveness. The way you probe and question hints at a voracious intelligence, that hunger to explore and examine, to strip away my facades and see what lies underneath. Just like she always did.

More than once I can remember her telling me: the deeper you delve, the more interesting a story becomes. Causes and effects are suddenly revealed, how sometimes the fickle finger of fate nudges a pebble, and we are the avalanche.

Isn’t it funny, I almost never got to know her at all. 

We like to believe we’re the masters of our destiny, proud tall ships unfurling our sails, as we turn the wheel and boldly follow our compass. But that’s just a comforting delusion, in reality we’re little more than rowing boats, buffeted by the capricious currents of circumstance.

What are the forces and factors that come to shape us? What are the petty chances and coincidences? What were the influences that truly fashioned me? What formed my personality and my sexuality? And where did my fascination with spanking come from?

And at the centre of every answer, is her.

You’re already intrigued, I can tell. Even though I can not see you. My naked body is already exposed to you, bound by my wrists to the top of the bed. Now I know you want me to expose my deepest secrets as well.

But dare I reveal myself? Dare I drop my mask and tell my story?

Perhaps I shall.

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Coming of Age is a 3 part story, a bildungsroman exploring the origins of our kinks and fantasies.

Elsewhere I’ve written about how the essence of a great story is a Big Idea, and the thread that runs through the first part is the fantasy of mentorship. The theme of part two is maturity and the fantasy of sexual confidence. Whilst the grand theme of part three is the fantasy of romantic meeting. Why not lie back and enjoy the journey…

What readers have said about this story:

“I think perhaps this is one of the stories of yours I’ve identified with the most. Not necessarily with the specific direction of the beginning chapters – where the main character gleaned much of
his sexual education, but I was able to draw parallels consistently. My
interest was piqued throughout the entire tale. And once the first
chapter was over, I found myself yearning for the next part of the story. Just barely able to contain my need to know what happens next.“

“I’ve read part one a few times now and pick up on something different
each time. It is delicious! I was quite surprised that the female
dominant role would appeal to me that much, and that’s made me read it
again several times since, each time an opportunity to pay better
attention to my own reactions.“

“The spanking in the bathroom! Being pressed against the wall. Nowhere to
run, nowhere to dash away.. just having to stand there and take what he
gave her. My breathing was ragged, chest heaving as I touched and moaned
along with the story. I wanted to do this. Oh, can you even imagine? It
was such an incredible scene. Caressing me in all the right places.”

“But, by the end I was soaking wet, mere words away from climaxing (I’m fully convinced that you could write a story
that could make me climax without touching myself). What a marvelous ending. I
love it, and it’s tied with Punishment Panties as my favorite ever story, which says a lot!!”

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