An anonymous reader writes:

I have my own favorite variation of your latest self-spanking challenge.

I like to dress in my school uniform and report to the room I use as my home office. I knock on the door, and wait, my heart thumping as I imagine the stern voice of my teacher instructing me to enter the detention room.

I shuffle in, contritely, and see my chair has been prepared for me. A stack of cushions on the seat, and a shoelace tied to the back. Sir tells me to sit down in front of my desk. My laptop is open in front of me, along with a few blank sheets of paper and a pen.

I lift the back of my skirt, and obediently tie my panties to the back of the chair. Then I start playing the spanking video I’ve chosen. I like to pretend I’m at the back of the detention room, watching my classmates being spanked, whacked or caned before my turn arrives.

As I’ve been extremely naughty, I often get my panties pulled before my spanking. So I progressively remove the cushions, until I’m dangling painfully. In the meantime, I write lines, or a short essay. I’m supposed to be writing, not gawping at the events at the front of the class, head down with the smacks from the video echoing in my ears. Occasionally I do dare to look up at my laptop screen, hoping I won’t be noticed as I stare at the girls’ poor bottoms, now a delightful shade of pink.

Sometimes I queue several videos, so I can prolong my anticipation. But eventually, they end, and I know it’s my turn next. I release myself from the chair, and bend over my desk obediently. My skirt is lifted and my panties are pulled down, and I open my legs so Sir can inspect my sticky pink stripe.

I beg for mercy. But it’s my turn for a sore bottom, delivered by my wooden ruler or my slipper. Sometimes I read back what I’ve written, a spank after every two or three words, or every word if I need it hard. How exciting it is to know that every line I complete prolongs my spanking, and increases how sore I’ll be.

I’m sent to the corner afterwards, of course. Hands on my head so I’m not tempted to rub myself. That comes later, when I’m dismissed from detention, and sent back to my bedroom. The finale that follows is always worth the wait…

Thank you, dear reader, for this wonderful account.

You describe some wonderful ideas for playing. I like the notion of positioning your laptop ahead of you on the desk, so as you look up from writing your lines, you can see your classmates’ spankings.

Dangling from a panty-pulling chair is an excellent way to write lines. Those not so keen on that sensation could always pull down their panties and sit on their bare bottoms to write.

And I like the idea of reading your lines or your essay aloud as you’re punished. Setting the length of your spanking by how much you’ve managed to write is clever, one of the challenges of self-spanking is deciding how long it should be.

It just goes to show, with a bit of imagination, playtimes can be so much more than just masturbating to whatever arouses you. That was the intention of that challenge, and I commend your inventiveness. And I hope your suggestions will inspire those reading this to experiment, to find more exciting and fulfilling ways to play…