As announced earlier, I gave myself another self spanking just now. I again did a challenge by doing so. This one this time, which meant I had to do something naughty and then give myself a spanking for it. Back when I found the challenges, I immediately was drawn in on the suggestions of buying ginger and using it as the “something naughty” to be punished for. Therefore, that’s what I kinda did.

I decided anyway, to play with ginger roots before I finally get to cum this weekend, right before it. Today, I went to buy them before coming home, trying to keep my mind on what exactly I was doing, about how I bought ginger to hurt myself and turn me on more and how I would totally need to be punished for that. I imagined having a boyfriend and me just buying ginger and then asking him to use that on me before I would be allowed to cum. I imagined him smirking and calling me a “naughty slut” and then him bending me over because I’m not a good girl with that and should be punished.

I used my ruler on my butt again, spanking myself hard. It turned out a nice shade of red. Then, I also spanked my pussy a little – my ruler was actually wet afterwards and I had to clean it up.

Now I still will vacuum my apartment, without pants on, with my red butt on display, before I will edge like crazy again.

Though this challenge was surprinsingly anticlamactic. Maybe, it was because I always planned beforehand when to spank myself, so it wasn’t too special knowing while buying the ginger. Maybe, my brain wasn’t able to make the connection of action and punishment that would have made it special.

But spankings always turn me on (especially denied of orgasm as I am right now) and buying ginger… that’s always almost… shaming. Like… I played with ginger three times before and it’s weird to buy it, knowing how you will use it. Every other time, I bought some other groceries as well though. This time, I went into the supermarket, carefully picked out the ginger with my spanking and the ginger in ass and pussy in mind and only bought that. Obviously, nobody will know what I’m doing. They will think I wanted to cook something and only missed ginger. Still… Maybe someone’s thoughts wandered to it shortly, especially seeing the shapes I picked out? Who knows? And I like that thought.

A fine write-up of the Being Naughty challenge.

I hope it will inspire spankable misbehaviour in those who read it…