I saw it on the coffee table in my gyno’s waiting room.

It was half-covered, almost buried by other magazines, but the stern-looking lady on the cover caught my eye. She stared out authoritatively, dressed in a black school-gown and mortarboard. And in her hands, she was flexing a cane.

A copy of Cosmo, with a headmistress holding a cane on the cover.  Why?

I felt myself needing to know. I didn’t recognise her, perhaps there was some celebrity on the hidden side of the cover. Perhaps the cover story featured the celebrity talking about their schooldays, paying tribute to some strict school-teacher whose discipline helped steer a wayward child towards hard work, fame and fortune.

Except… the lady with the cane didn’t look like a singing or acting coach. In fact, she looked decidedly kinky. And dominant. Erotic even. She gave the camera an underlook that seemed to say: I’ve had quite enough of your misbehaviour, young lady, now bend over.

My imagination began to buzz with possibilities.

I looked around the room as casually as I could manage. Three other ladies shared the room, each a polite distance apart. I wondered if they’d seen what I’d seen. One was engrossed in her own glossy magazine. The other two were gazing aimlessly around the room, as if telepathically playing a game of Eye Spy. If I reached for the magazine, would they notice? Would I reveal my darkest secret? Would they exchange knowing glances? Look at her, the one with Cosmo, she gets turned on by bottoms being smacked.

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Cosmopolitan is one of my earliest stories, an imagining of what it would be like if spanking went mainstream, if companies ran fantasy roleplaying getaways, and attendees could dress up and play being naughty schoolgirls all weekend long. You’d sign up for that, wouldn’t you?

What readers have said about this story:

“An awesomely written story – beautiful in content and style.“

“A fascinating plot and the journalese was sufficiently convincing that I wonder how many will google the name Playscape after reading this,
just to see if it’s real or not?“

“You could have been writing about me. All my life I have loved reading
these articles, but have been very self conscience about it and
embarrassed to death if anyone saw me reading anything pertaining to
spanking. Really entertaining and fun story.”

“A wonderfully well-written story that pushes quite a number of buttons…“

“OK! OK! I’m sold please tell me how I can sign up for one of these weekends!”

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