The 14th instalment of the Self-Spanking Challenge! Newcomers can find previous challenges here.

Challenge – Day 14

One problem often encountered by those who enjoy spanking alone is they miss having someone to hold them to account. In this challenge you’ll get some practice imagining your own disciplinary scenarios, and in doing so, perhaps learn a trick to find the accountability you crave…

Oh dear. You’ve been very, very naughty at school.

Naughty enough that your teacher has written a note for you to take home to your guardian to read. The note describes your misbehaviour. Perhaps you were talking in class, or lied about your homework, or were caught spying on your crush in the changing rooms, or playing with yourself in the shower.

The note is clear about the consequences you should face. You should be spanked at home, and a signed note returned detailing the punishment you received.

Begin by imagining your misbehaviour, you might find it helpful to create a persona – perhaps your alter-ego is naturally mischievous, or a seductive manipulator. Take a look at this advice on creating roleplaying characters if you need inspiration.

Once you’ve dreamt your transgression, get a sheet of paper and begin writing the note. Describe what you did wrong from another person’s point of view. Would they sound angry, vengeful or just disappointed?

Once you’ve written the note, put it in your bag or pocket and carry it around with you for a while. Perhaps you’ll write the note before going to bed, and then take it into work with you, so you’ll face the consequences when you get home that evening…

When you do get home, you might want to dress up in your uniform and play out what would happen when you handed over the note. Would you be sent straight to your room? Or to stand in the corner? Or sent to fetch the hairbrush and spanked immediately?

When it’s time, give yourself the good hard spanking you deserve…

Afterwards, sit on your sore spanked bottom and write a note to your teacher, explaining how you were spanked, and acknowledging you deserved your punishment. Add your guardian’s signature at the end, you might even like to take it into work with you tomorrow…

Once you’ve finished writing your note, you might like to post a write-up on your blog. Why not take pictures of the two notes you’ve written and post them too?

I challenge you to describe your experience – what character did you invent and what was it like to play them? What was their misdemeanour? What did it feel like carrying the note that said you deserved a spanking? And the note afterwards that described your spanking?

And how did it feel to be accountable to an imaginary disciplinarian? Did the surrounding story you’d improvised make your spanking less awkward and more satisfying?

If you post your write-up, don’t forget to add the tags #selfspankingchallenge and #selfspankingchallenge14

I trust this challenge will inspire readers to get up to all kinds of naughty fun. And if you are lucky enough to have someone to spank you, just imagine what would happen if you wrote them a note, sealed in an envelope, that told them how naughty you’d been …