By @missfesterworth from an original idea by spankingtheatre.

Popularity doesn’t necessarily equal exclusivity.

in other words, just because you may have heard of the most POPULAR
school of Witchcraft in the United Kingdom, that doesn’t necessarily
mean its the ONLY such school that exists.

For not all witches and
wizards are created equal. Some children born into magical families are
blessed and exhibit their magical talents from an early age. Some,
sadly, never exhibit any magical talents at all.

And some witches
and wizards must wait until they come of age to inherit their magical
powers. These magical powers, once received, are some of the most
ancient and complex magical powers of them all. For they rely on the
energy of the erotic to perform their magic.

In other words – Sex Magick.

Magick is even more difficult to master than its non-erotic
counterpart. It requires a great deal more self-discipline to control
due to the complex cocktail of softly shimmering hormones brewing just
below the surface. The nature of the magick is such that it arrives just
when men and women are beginning to discover their own sexuality. The
witches and wizards must be taught how to recognise these powers, yes,
but also to contain their powers and control them before they can begin
to harness them to perform any sort of a spell. For if they don’t learn
to control their urges and contain their magic to be utilised properly,
the results can be…catastrophic.

Therefore, the education of these
so-gifted witches and wizards once they’ve come of age and awoken to
their powers is undertaken by the Amatorius Academy of Eros Witchcraft
and Wizardry.

The academy is run as a boarding school, so the
students live there while undertaking their instruction. There are
mandatory subjects that the students must study, and lessons to attend,
of both the theoretical and practical variety. Unlike most schools, the
first day of term at the Academy begins on October 31st every year, on
the day when the veil between the natural and the supernatural is at its
thinnest, and witching powers are at their peak.

Due to the
nature of the magic being performed, there are, of course, strict rules.
These rules are FAR stricter than you may even expect to find at a
boarding school, and any straying from them results in swift and
thorough punishment. The punishments are normally left to the discretion
of the Headmaster, and almost always include corporal punishments.
Chastising the flesh has been found over the years to be the most
effective manner to teach discipline and control when dealing with
erotic energies. If the Headmaster is too busy to oversee a punishment
personally, or there are multiple culprits to chastise in one session,
he may rely on enchanted canes or paddles to administer the whacking,
leaving him free to see to other tasks.

Most First Year students
are most keen to learn to fly when they enter the Academy. For flying,
of course, is one of the most common principles associated with
witchcraft. Everyone has seen the age-old images of witches riding their
broomsticks across a full moon on Halloween night. Therefore, flying is
of utmost importance, and of course one of those mandatory courses at
the academy that all first year students must take.

Broomstick flight, for those who rely on Sex Magick, is a little different in principle than most can imagine.

pupils arrive for their first Flying theory lesson, bright eyed with
excitement. The professor of this subject is a formidable middle-aged
wizard called Professor Roux. It is clear from his demeanour that no
misbehaviour in these lessons will be tolerated as he calls the class to
order and begins to describe how broomstick flight operates. Woe betide
anyone who isn’t paying close attention, and taking notes!

and foremost, undergarments are NEVER worn by a witch or wizard who
practices Sex Magick. For the power of flight can only be harnessed by
the broomstick held in-between their legs if it comes into direct contact
with their most intimate area.

For witches, undergarments would
prevent the transfer of her body’s natural lubricant, and thus the
transfer of magic, from reaching the broom and flight would be
impossible. For wizards, their brooms are fitted with a cockring. The
cockring utilises the blood flow to an erect penis for the transfer of
magic necessary to achieve flight. Arousal for both sexes is ESSENTIAL
when they mount the broom, or the broomstick can never fly. The long
cloaks worn by wizardkind preserve their modesty, hence the long
cultural association with wizards and cloaks…

Witches and wizards
have two basic techniques for transportation upon their broomsticks.
Essentially, to a person of non-magical blood, this would equate to
cruise control and ludicrous speed.

To fly on cruise control, the
witch or wizard basically holds their broom between their legs at a 90
degree angle to their body. A wizard will slip their erection into the
cockring, whereas a witch will use the juices from the parting between
their legs to lubricate the broomstick as it nestles in-between her lips
lightly. The transfer of magic to the broom thus complete, they can kick
off from the ground and soar up to the desired altitude, where the
broom will fly at a consistent speed. The witch or wizard slides the
broomstick back and forth periodically. This helps them to maintain the
arousal and, in the case of the witch the transfer of natural lubricant
that is necessary, so as to not lose their momentum.

When a witch
would like to go faster, for examples when she has a deadline and has to
be somewhere lickity split, she simply angles her stick a bit past
parallel, more like at a 45 degree angle, until she can feel the
broomstick resting against the hard little knob at the top of the
parting in-between her thighs. Rubbing the broomstick against this
parting increases her arousal and so, in this manner she switches gears
so to speak and is able to fly at ludicrous speed.

Long distance
flight, or wizards who wish to fly at ludicrous speed, do so with a
curved anal plug known as a Horn. The Horn gives flyers maximum power by
dialling up the level of their arousal. The greater the arousal, the
greater the amount of Sex Magick that can be performed.

Of course,
strict orgasm control for the flyer is vital – it would be VERY
dangerous for them to come in mid-air, as this would immediately cause
the power of flight to drain and the flyer would find themselves hurling
towards the ground at top speed.

Once the class has had their
first Flying theory lesson out of the way, it is time for the practical
lessons to begin. Learning to fly by extracting Sex Magick requires
expert tutoring.

Changing rooms are provided next to the Flying
classroom. The students enter and then emerge clad only in their robes,
with no garments underneath.

Unlike any other classroom at the
Academy, the Flying classroom is fitted with special chairs. The chairs
are fitted with wooden stems that are topped with a helmet-shaped bulge
of rubber: one stem for the chairs intended for the male students, and
two stems for the chairs of the female students. The students aren’t
allowed anywhere near brooms until they have learned the self-discipline
necessary to maintain flight, and the chairs will help them to learn to
obtain that self-discipline.

After the students enter the
classroom but before they are allowed to take their seats, as it were,
they are subjected to a thorough bottom inspection. They must raise
their robes and bend over their desks to present themselves to the
Professor for this inspection. After all, he must ensure that the pupils
are relaxing and clenching the right muscles, a science as much as an

Only after he is satisfied with the results are they allowed
to take a seat, easing themselves down onto the stems until their
bottoms are resting on the flat wood of the chair, the spindles buried
deep inside. Before they have learned the art of self-control and
discipline, between the inspection and the stimulation of the chairs it
doesn’t take long for the males to start spurting, and the females to
clench their thighs together and moan.

However, as their ability
to control themselves improves, they get to move from the classroom
chairs to actual brooms. They soon learn that real brooms move and
gyrate while you are trying to ride them, and thus they are much more
difficult to keep control of yourself while flying.

The class is
only passed by completing a practical test. The practical test involves
sitting a plugged broomstick and flying a low-altitude obstacle course
for an hour, without losing momentum, altitude, or crashing into any

Then, and only then, has a witch or wizard come into their own and harnessed their Sex Magick into the power of flight.

Halloween had rolled around once again, bringing with it a new allotment of first years.

Hoffmeister was one of this year’s intake. She was ‘so new the wrapping
was barely removed,’ as the saying goes, and absolutely thrilled to be
able to attend a magical academy and learn magic at long last. She had
been the only one to remain at home when her siblings all went trooping
off to learn their craft; her family beginning to despair of her ever
showing any inclination for magical abilities at all.

Until her
eighteenth birthday. Shortly thereafter she had been lying in her bed
one night when she began to feel…restless. Suddenly, there was an ache
between her legs that just wouldn’t be denied. Her hand had crept
underneath the sheets to slide down her stomach, heading lower and
lower. Surely a little, ah, ‘massaging’ never did anyone any harm?

she neared the peak of her excitement, the lamp on her dresser suddenly
began to dance. It danced itself right off the edge while she watched
with a horrified fascination from across the room. Mortiana’s family had
been so overjoyed to find out that she had suddenly displayed any sort
of magical talent that she hadn’t even been punished for her illicit
nocturnal activities. The letter announcing her placement at the Academy
had arrived the very next day.

Flying was to be her first lesson
on her first day. So eager was she to begin that she snuck into the
classroom where the practical lessons were to be held, even though
students weren’t meant to go wandering about poking their noses into
rooms and corridors. ‘After all, what harm could it do?’ she told

She looked around in awe. The chairs in this classroom
were certainly strange. How were you meant to sit on them with those
spires sticking out of them? As she stared at them, head tilted to the
side, it suddenly dawned on her EXACTLY how the chair was meant to be
sat on, and where the spires would fit. She blushed, but was intrigued
all the same. Perhaps she could try it out? No one was around. Maybe
that was the first test. Well, she would practice, and then she would
rise to the top of the class when she was the first to sink gracefully
onto the seat without hesitation.

As Mortiana headed to the first
desk with this in mind, a rattling noise from a nearby cupboard caught
her attention. Intrigued, she went to investigate. She hoped that it
wasn’t a poor little mouse, trapped and desperate for escape.

hand wrapped around the handle of the cupboard. Once she’d opened the
door, she gasped as a broomstick shook itself, suddenly doing a funny
little hop forward so it was free of the cupboard. Oh. So this must be
the cupboard where the broomsticks were kept!

She reached for the
broomstick, experimentally wrapping her hand gently around the handle.
She could feel it twitch responsively from her tender grasp. She
giggled, and it twitched in response again. Maybe it wanted her to ride

Even though she KNEW she wasn’t supposed to, that she wasn’t
supposed to be in a classroom let alone touching one of the broomsticks
without permission, she straddled it so that one leg was either side.

broomstick had started out just above her knees, but once she had
gripped it in both hands and leant forward slightly, it suddenly shot up
so it was resting underneath her skirt, nestled firmly against her

‘Oh!’ She tried to resist the urge to rub herself
against it. Tempting, so tempting. It was just THERE. She knew how good
it would feel to have the handle sliding along her entrance.

‘Miss Hoffmeister.’

as she was about to indulge herself, an icy voice suddenly spoke from
the doorway. She screamed from the shock, dropping the broom which
clattered to the floor as she spun around to see who was addressing her.
It was Miss Miller, one of the formidable professors and head of

‘Professor! I was just….’ Mortiana’s voice
trailed off helplessly. She just hoped she wasn’t about to be expelled.
Sent home in disgrace before she’d even begun!

‘I think it’s
perfectly clear what you were just about to do,’ Professor Miller said
coldly. ‘Come with me, young lady. We’ll see what the Headmaster has to
say about your behaviour.’

Mortiana’s heart sank. She trailed behind the Professor with her head bowed, wringing her hands with nerves.

too soon they arrived at the Headmaster’s office. Professor Miller
gestured for Mortiana to enter, quickly following suit herself.

‘What have we here?’ The Headmaster looked up from his desk, dark eyes glittering in the dim lighting.

This student was caught out of bounds in the Flying classroom,
attempting to ride one of the brooms without supervision, and certainly
without permission!’ Professor Miller’s voice was grim.

well. I shall deal with her. You may go.’ The Headmaster waved his hand.
Professor Miller departed after a curt nod. Once she had left, he
turned to look at the quaking Mortiana. ‘What do you have to say for
yourself, young lady?’

‘Sir…Headmaster…I…I got carried away. You
see all of these years no one thought I had any magic, and now we found
out that I do, and I got to come here to learn, and I just got…excited. I
couldn’t wait for the first lesson. I just wanted to see, to practice
so I would be best of the class. I wanted everyone to be proud of me,
and now I’ve gotten myself in trouble instead. I’m sorry, Headmaster. I
truly am.’ She looked at him with large pleading eyes.

He could
hear the sincerity in what she said, and had a certain amount of
sympathy. He remembered all too well what it was like to arrive at this
very Academy as a very excited first year pupil. ‘I understand that your
actions were not done maliciously,’ he said softly at last, ‘however
the fact remains that rules are rules, and are there to be obeyed. You
will have to be punished for breaking them.’

She swallowed hard. ‘Yes, Headmaster.’

pointed towards a small desk in the corner of his office. ‘Go stand in
front of that desk, and bend over it. Legs slightly apart.’

only a moment’s hesitation, she did as she was told. It would do no good
to argue, and she would have to accept her punishment. She reached the
desk and bent over it, the edge of the desk cutting into the flesh where
thigh met stomach, legs approximately shoulder-with apart.

is not tolerated at the Academy. As a consequence of your actions, you
are going to be paddled soundly. Do you understand?’ he continued.

‘Yes, Headmaster.’ Her voice was barely a whisper.

that, her skirt rolled itself up around her waist. Her knickers
smoothly slid themselves to her ankles, so fast she couldn’t even grasp
them to try to preserve her modesty.

‘If you move again, your paddling will last twice as long,’ the Headmaster warned.

gave a slight whimper and was still, blushing furiously as she realised
how exposed she was to his view. A moment later, she could feel the
firm touch of a wooden paddle pressing itself across her backside. Even
though she wasn’t really supposed to move, she stole a glance over her
shoulder, puzzled. The Headmaster hadn’t moved from his desk, so who was
wielding the paddle?

She was surprised to see that it was
suspended in midair. It was a large paddle that covered a large area of
both of her buttocks comfortably. Or uncomfortably, as the case may be.

paddle began to move of its own accord. Mortiana watched open-mouthed
as it swung itself back slowly, then snapped forward to whack her bottom
as if it were on a hinge. She gasped from the pain and shock, desperate
to kick out but heedful of the Headmaster’s warning about what would
happen if she moved.

Before she could scarcely draw her breath,
the process repeated itself again, and then again. It rose and fell as
regularly as a metronome, leaving a red imprint in its wake. She
squirmed as much as she dared, beyond caring about her modesty. Her
cries increased in intensity with each smack of the paddle against her

Finally, after perhaps some two dozen whacks the paddle
ceased and was still. Mortiana hung limply over the desk, but she wasn’t
allowed to stay there for long.

‘Up. Stand in the corner.’ The Headmaster’s voice was devoid of any emotion as he gave the command.

She staggered to her feet, quick to do as he’d bade. ‘Yes, Headmaster.’

apart. Hands on your bottom, hold yourself open. Students that
misbehave forgo their modesty. Remember that lesson.’ He might as well
have been asking her to pass the salt, from the intonation.

stood holding herself open obediently, both sets of cheeks blazing red.
He   hadn’t specified how long she was to stay there, so she supposed
she was to stay until he said otherwise.

It dawned on her as she
stood that she was effectively completely exposing her hidden regions to
his view. Her blush increased, if such a thing were even possible. He’d
be able to see EVERYTHING. And, horror of horrors, she realised that
the space between her legs was growing rather…moist. Dear Merlin.

He spoke at last. ‘I trust you have learned your lesson. You may go.’

skirt smoothly dropped back into place as smoothly as a swishing
curtain. She awkwardly stooped to pull up her knickers so she could beat
a hasty retreat. ‘Thank you, Headmaster,’ she managed to squeak.

As she walked through the corridors, Mortiana found herself wondering where someone went to get one of those enchanted paddles.

Her lips twitched into a smile.

A round of applause for the talented @missfesterworth who took a story idea of mine, which I didn’t have time to write up, and turned it into something wonderful!

Happy Halloween!