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November 2017

Hi, how can I say? I loved your post about self-spanking! I have sometimes tried but it was never very gratifying, but I was so happy to read that simple discipline was possible even without a partner. Even though I do not know english very well, I will read all the self-spanking challenges and try them, more happy with myself, thanks to your wonderful post.

I’m very happy to hear the self-spanking challenges have provided such inspiration. I created them because I believe that for many people spanking is a vital aspect of their sexuality, and it can be beneficial to play and explore in the privacy of your own home, whether or not you actually have a partner. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

As for English not being your native language, I’ve always been impressed by how many visitors to this blog come here from all across the world. Truly, spanking is a global fascination!

I have always had this fascination with spanking the vagina and inserting things into it (stretching it out) as punishment. Is that safe? And if it is do you have any recommendations?

Given the vagina is an orifice, I assume you’re referring to spanking the vulva, and in particular the fleshy folds of the labia. Being highly sensitive, a well-placed smack can be both sore and stimulating, but I’d only spank there sparingly, never more than one smack at a time.

Unlike the buttocks, which are sufficiently padded to take a whacking and heal quickly afterwards, the labia are delicate and can bruise quickly. So when I spank between the legs, I prefer to strike from behind, so the smack lands on the inner parts of her cheeks, over her bottom hole and perineum, perhaps even tingling the lowest part of her slit. It can be very effective to tell the miscreant to hold her bottom open for this kind of spanking.

Best to avoid using hard thuddy objects like rulers and hairbrushes when spanking delicate areas like the genitals. Instead, use a few fingers of your hand, or a light flogger or leather-tipped crop. Your intention should always be to create a sting rather than an impact that will bruise.

As for inserting objects into the vagina as punishment, I personally would advise against it. Unless it’s thoroughly (sterilised) clean, foreign objects risk instigating infections. Personally, I believe the best way to punish a vagina is to keep it empty.

Have you considered making a chastity belt?



The taxi-pod conveys me swiftly, just one of thousands of tiny metal corpuscles skimming across the city’s asphalt veins. I’m all alone in my little speeding bubble. I remember grandad telling me how taxis used to have drivers, and how we laughed at how preposterous that all seemed. That people used to control their road vehicles by treading on pedals and turning a wheel. What were they operating? Steamships?

I often wonder what dear old grandad would make of London now, whether he’d even recognise it. The skyline now resembles a giant apothecary shelf, countless rows of colourful glass towers, like a higgledy collection of antique medicine bottles. They said The Flood would drown this city, but we just dammed the Thames and kept building higher.

And what would my dear grandfather make of my destination, I wonder? If I told him what was about to happen, would he be shocked? Or would he just bellow with laughter, with that infectious mirth of his that soon moistened the eyes of all in earshot. Would he regard my future as ridiculous as we found his past?

Because I’m on my way to be spanked. Or fucked. Or licked. Or teased and pleasured and tormented. To be honest, I’ve no idea what’s in store. But that’s all part of the fun. It’s a very 22nd century way to spend an afternoon.

My destination is Sexcapade, Inc. The pioneers of recreational sexual adventures. The business sensation of the decade, the inspiration behind a thousand meagre low-rent copycats. But none of its competitors has come close to surpassing the variety, subtlety and outrageous ingenuity that Sexcapade experiences continue to provide.

The idea behind Sexcapade is astonishingly simple: using your sexual past to inspire your sexual future. But this simple idea had to wait until the cultural climate was right, until we lost our prudishness, and finally admitted to ourselves that sexual experiences were just activities like any other in life. That great sex could be scripted, crafted, and enacted. That great sex was too important to be left to fate…

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Inevitable is, to date, my sole science fiction spanking story. Yet I wrote it with a philosophical question in mind: would we want our inner sexual desires fulfilled, even if we didn’t quite consciously know what they actually were?

In the story, there’s no questionnaires – partly because the Sexcapade institution doesn’t trust its clients to answer honestly, and partly because it doesn’t believe its clients actually know what they want. So like any good scientist, it forms hypotheses, puts them to the test, and observes.

I think we’re all like old maps, with familiar territories of experience and unexplored blank spaces of desire and fantasy. How much of your own erotic map do you think you’ve discovered?

What readers have said about this story:

“If only such a company really existed, indeed… I especially loved
this final experience – almost like a piece of performance art.”

“A brilliant concept brilliantly executed. This kept me riveted from start to finish. It’s an amazing fantasy.“

“Wow, what an erotic story! That much one-sided dialog is difficult to
maintain, but you did it superbly. I felt just like he was talking to me
and rather wished that he was.“

“Nice to read a story set in the future that isn’t dystopian. I like the
idea of technology being used for pleasure and your writing style is
wonderfully erotic. Thank you for sharing such a clever piece of

“One of the best sci-fi stories I’ve read, the future world was plausible
and coherent. Though the final experience was indeed
“inevitable”, it wasn’t predictable to me as a reader, any more than it
was to the character in the story. A great piece of erotic writing.“

What do you think?

I’m scared of self spanking because I think it’ll hurt, but I always touch myself to the thoight of it. And I’ve always gotten hard from your stories and even touched. Oh gosh I feel so naughty just writing this! What should I do?

If the prospect excites you, my advice is to try it.

I suspect the reason you’re writing is because you find the notion of being given instructions also quite exciting. I’ve noticed this in many who have submissive inclinations, they know they’d like to do naughty things, but it’s actually being told to do so that tips them over the edge.

So, to all those in the same boat, all those who are fascinated by spankings, but who haven’t had the courage to experience it, I’m going to give you permission to experiment.

Start by reading The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Spanking, then do the first challenge, and write down what spanking means to you. As part of this, try giving yourself a single smack. it doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need to hurt. Remember, not everyone who likes spanking is a masochist. Write about the sensation, the sound the smack made, and the effect it had on you.

If you liked the experience, you can move onto the second challenge, and try a few more spanks. Build up slowly, and the subsequent challenges will encourage you to make your play more elaborate.

Go slow. Experiment. And have fun!

Awhile ago I said I had been playing the “The Hour” game with my girlfriend. I won. I have won every time we played it. It’s a wonderful game. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for her if she ever does win. (She’s a little new to all this)

The Hour game is indeed excellent fun, I’d highly recommend it to couples, especially those with a bit of extra free time during the coming holidays.

As for a treat if she wins, why don’t you give her a thorough inspection, and examine her thoroughly until she’s soaking wet?

And then read her a bedtime story, a spanking story, of course. Let her play with herself as she looses herself in your words. You might want to put her over your knee though, when the story requires some sound effects.

And then, when you’ve finished, I’m sure she’ll be craving a happy ending of your own invention…

Have fun!

How can I make self-inflicted corner time more humiliating? I want to feel truly contrite

Some ideas:

That should be enough ideas for a very humiliating corner time.

Accountability Is important, so if you’ve been very naughty, make sure you post a confession publicly on your blog before you go to the corner. And if you tag me in that post, then I hope you know that as you’re standing with your spanked bottom on display, I might very well be reading all about your misdemeanours, and tutting sternly…


from the story “Punishment Panties”, photo credit: mloberg

I wrote this years ago, but every my experience since has strengthened my original belief. That blushing is a gift.

We should all aim to make our lovers blush. To make their hearts race. To make them glow with taboo delight, and shine with excitement… 



There’s something about bookshops, something inexplicable, something that ignites a throbbing almost primal desire to be dirty deep within me. It makes me want to wander and lose myself among those mazes of shelves, venturing further and further until I’m finally beyond the librarian-like scrutiny of the bookshop’s sentinels and the scratchy shuffling of its clientele.

Somewhere deep inside, I finally reach where I need to be. Impetuously, I sweep the shelf clear of its books. Dickens, Poe, James, Proust. Over the years the worthy words of all the greats have fallen open around my ankles. The smell of musty paper wafts from the open volumes. I inhale it deeply, closing my eyes, imagining the words condensing in my lungs.

And then a hand pushes into the small of my back, bending me over the denuded shelf, so my head and arms protrude into the adjacent aisle. I let my hands dangle, caressing the books in the shelves below me, the worn leather of antique books rough beneath my fingertips.

Moments later, the hem of my skirt is hitched above my waist. Instinctively I reach back to resist, but my arms are blocked by the bookshelves. Someone drags my panties down to my ankles and over my shoes, the sticky garment wantonly discarded on top of an open page of some literary masterpiece. A hand slaps my bum, hard, then pulls my legs apart, exploring the warm wet crevice in between.

And then I am thoroughly violated, right there in the aisle, deep within this maze of books. Just far enough away from prying eyes – yet so close to getting caught. Another stinging smack to my bum echoes around the bookshelves. The sound of my spanking might yet betray us, but that just adds to my excitement. My nostrils fill with the intoxicating scent of vintage books, mixed with the smell of sex and sweat.

That’s what I see when I pass by a bookshop, not a sophisticated repository of humanity’s collected brilliance, but the prospect of another musky-smelling carnal den, hidden somewhere deep within its paper labyrinth. A bookshop is somewhere to get lost, a place to discover nooks where one might be secretly disgraceful, observed only by the disapproving spines of the masters’ books.

And now, I’m standing all alone in a bookshop.

And I can hear my heartbeat in my ears…

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Grimoire is another personal favourite. It is also the result of a challenge, to tell a tale about the spanking of a thief. I opted for the style of magic realism, those familiar with Borges’ Zahir will recognise the frenzied descent into feverish obsession, a longing that many who crave punishment will recognise. They say books are portable magic, so come, let me weave my spell.

What readers have said about this story:

“This may well be the most perfect story I have ever read. As a lifelong
bibliophile, the bookstore description is wonderfully evocative. I love
the sequence of imagined punishments for stealing the book. It’s far
more enticing to let the reader imagine all the possibilities. The
entire concept invites the reader to imagine more stories written in the
grimoire. Thank you for sharing this fabulous and tantalizing story.“

“This is so good it defies description. Your command of the language is
really awesome, and your imagination really, really beyond compare.“

is sheer perfection in style and content: I think if Jorge Luis Borges
had written a spanking story, this would be it, which is the greatest
praise I can think of. I am speechless, and cannot love this enough!“

“An incomparably written tale–gripping from beginning to end. The author
has a mastery of the English language that may be the envy of many.“

“Wow! Thank you. Amazing. I might not be reading it anymore, but it’s still playing in my mind.“

“Absolutely fabulous. I cannot decide if the author is French or not my
tentative conclusion is not. They are certainly cultured and have a
remarkable imagination and a real gift of writing. I had thought a
grimoire was a collection of unpleasant stories. Now I know better. I am in

“Superbly told, highly atmospheric, evoking the place, and the magic of
the both the book and the written, punitive word. The author brings a
great and detailed depth to what is from the start a brilliant concept.“

“I feel like this library is my own Grimoire, just as the book in the
story was. I read every night as she did and live vicariously though the
characters in the stories. This beautifully written story, obviously
spoke to me. This is one of the best I’ve read.“

What do you think?

Bottom inspections are a popular fantasy among readers of this blog.

What could be more embarrassing than having to hold your sore spanked cheeks apart? To be so thoroughly exposed when all you want to do is rub the sting away.

To be made to reveal how much your spanking aroused you. Your seeping, sticky excitement on display for all to see…

No wonder you find bottom inspections so thrilling…

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